Dead Space 4 Reportedly Canned After Poor Dead Space 3 Sales

Dead Space 4 has reportedly been canceled by its developers following poor sales numbers for Dead Space 3. The video game series that centers around spooky adventures in outer space is struggling to keep its audience.

Dead Space 3 was just released on February 5, and it appears that the fervor for the series has already died down. You have to wonder if the addition of in-game transactions for real money might have been part of its downfall.

With Dead Space 3 falling well under what EA had posted as its sales projections, is reporting that the series has effectively been killed.

The website says that Dead Space 4 had been in pre-production at Visceral Games. The development team had started with mockups and drawings of what the new game was going to look like.

After the sales numbers for the latest release came in, EA killed the project. reports that the team that was working on the game met with EA executives who also announced a restructuring of Visceral following the shutting down of the newest Dead Space.

The Montreal branch of Visceral has apparently been closed down as well as part of this move. While EA had never actually announced a fourth installment from the series, there were hints within the latest version.

A cliffhanger ending to Dead Space 3 was the biggest clue that another sequel was in the offing. Other rumors leaking out of EA indicate that the current iteration was itself almost canceled midway through production.

In the end, the company went through with producing the game but slashed its budget several different times.

Since its release, Dead Space 3 has slipped down the charts at a precipitous pace. The game currently sits at a less than impressive 8th spot in video game sales.

The fourth installment hasn’t been officially canceled because it was never officially announced, but the reports seem to jibe with public comments made earlier about the series.

EA Labels President Frank Gibeau once said that Dead Space 3 needed to sell more than 5 million copies. That doesn’t bode well for the making of a Dead Space 4.