Evan Rachel Wood Strikes Back At ‘Vogue Italia’ Article That Criticizes Her Body In Twitter Rant

Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter on Sunday to post a scathing rant about an article written about her in a 2012 Vogue Italia issue that criticized her body and her choice to pose topless for a different publication, reported The Daily Mail.

In her tweets, the actress explains that she was looking through old photos of herself to do a throwback photo rollout when she came across the article written by Giulia Blasi several years ago. At the time, Wood decided to do a topless shoot for Flaunt Magazine in which she posed for the photographer in just a pair of white shorts. The actress added a glass of wine in one hand as she teasingly pulled down on one side of the shorts with the other hand. The look was completed with her blonde hair cut short and casually styled while her smoky eyes conveyed racy undertones.

Blasi’s article opened up by announcing that the Across The Universe actress had done a topless photo shoot, adding “and it’s… okay.” While the writer goes on to compliment the actress on her good looks, she then adds, “She is flawless. Maybe too much so.”

The article continues on to list the flaws of other actors, including Meryl Streep’s “long thin nose” and Bette Davis’s “slightly protruding eyes,” while also adding that Wood didn’t belong among some of the greatest actors of all time because she was too attractive and “without… sophistication.”


“Five years on… what she still seems to lack is that crucial imperfection that makes people interesting. And posing nude will not give her that.”

After coming across the article, the Thirteen actress became livid, taking to the popular social media site to share how Blasi’s words made her feel “worthless” and tried to take her “down a few pegs.”

“Look at how they judge my life at 18 years old without giving a second thought as to what my situation might have been, look at the way they assume my posing was 4 them, to make them like me, instead of me just living my best life with 1 of my favorite photographers.”

The string of tweets continued on to express how sad Wood felt after reading the article and about how little women in the industry are respected.

The Westworld actress has been vocal about the treatment of women in the entertainment industry in addition to being an advocate for the #MeToo movement.