Dolly Castro Spills Out Of Tight Minidress


Yesterday, Dolly Castro shared a photo of herself in a majorly tight minidress, and it drove her Instagram fans wild.

The photo, which has been liked over 65,000 times, shows her posing against a white wall. She wore a dress that was light blue with a super low neckline. This meant that her chest was on full display. The ensemble had two very thin straps.

Castro added to her look with a pair of high heels, which were in a snakeskin print. She popped her left foot, while accentuating her curves by sticking out her derriere slightly. Dolly placed her left elbow against the wall, and placed her left hand on her head.

She smiled widely for the shot, and wore her hair down. Behind her, you could see a thin table and a big painting on the wall.

Castro mentioned that the outfit was part of her attempt to get her husband to take her out dancing. The captions and photo worked together and proved to be effective in getting the fans talking, with plenty of people leaving nice compliments.

“I wouldddd,” noted Lindsey Pelas, fellow model.

“That color looks beautiful on you!” added a follower, whose comments were echoed by many others.

“I think that dress is all the convincing you need,” said an Instagram user.

Other fans wanted to know if Dolly ended up going dancing like she wanted to.

“Btw did you convince him,” they asked.

“Yep always,” responded Castro.

Since this post, Dolly’s posted another update of herself in workout gear. She held two items in her hands, which included a water bottle and a bottle of supplements. She wore a tight, purple sports bra and mustard yellow booty shorts. The shorts had a strip of purple along the top, and matched her bra perfectly.

Castrol stood outdoors, and on her toes. Her toned body was on full display, as she smiled for the photo. Her hair was worn up, but loose bangs fell around her face.

“Your body is goals mami,” said a fan.

“Man ur getting so cut now!!! Wow! Nice job!” added a follower.

And it’s true that Dolly is looking as fit as ever, with her stomach especially looking very toned.

“Quick question: you make it look easy. How many hours do you pit in each work day? Seriously, I want to know. You are like Michael Jordan with this,” asked an Instagram user.

“At the gym about 2 hours of lifting 30 minutes of cardio. In the morning I’ll do 30-45 minutes of stair master as well,” responded Castro.