Jojo Babie Exposes Booty & Poses By A Sports Car


Jojo Babie has been sharing photos of her derriere lately with her Instagram fans. And it certainly sounds like everyone is on board with the new photos, as they leave tons of nice compliments for the model.

A recent photo showed Jojo facing her back to the camera. She stood in front of a white sports car, as she rocked a pair of high-waisted, white bikini bottoms. The side straps rested high on her hips, while her derriere was left exposed. Jojo paired this with white heels, which had red soles.

In addition, Babie rocked a long-sleeved, leopard-print crop top. She looked over her left shoulder for the shot, placing her left hand by her mouth. Her hair was worn down in loose waves, as she gave a sultry look.

There’s already been over 31,000 fans who have liked the image since it was posted an hour ago.

“That thong looks amazing on you,” complimented a fan.

“Wow Just An Queen and her ride,” said a follower.

On the other hand, there was a bit of a controversy in the comments section when an Instagram user posed the following question.

“What would you be without IG?” they asked.

Jojo responded to the comment with a flirty answer.

“What would IG be without me?” she said.

But it didn’t end there, as the critic jabbed at Jojo, insinuating that she didn’t have a “real job.” The model responded with a couple of comments.

“Lmfao I got plenty,” she said, referring to the jobs.

“With or without a job. I’d rather be broke than talk to you,” added Babie.

Eventually, fans jumped into the conversation to defend the model.

“You must just hate your own life to be trolling ppl on IG trying to make them feel less than their worth,” said a fan.

Whatever the case, it’s certainly not Jojo’s first time dealing with a critic on social media. It looks like her fans are ready to defend her, if need be.

In other news, the model shared a selfie several days ago, that caught the attention of many of her fans. The update received over 102,000 likes. It showed Jojo in a halter-style bra, which covered her chest. She paired this up with thong bottoms, which were blue.

Babie tugged at the bottom straps with her right hand, while holding the phone with her left. She wore her hair up in a very high ponytail, and popped her right foot for the shot.