Hannah Palmer Rocks A Major Plunge Top At A Restaurant


Hannah Palmer rocked a major plunge top while hanging out at a restaurant. The photo has received over 28,000 likes so far, and features Hannah and her friend, Sofia Bevarly.

Hannah sported a black top, which was slightly too short, revealing her midriff. The very low neckline allowed the model to show off her chest, while Sofia wore a bikini top. The two women both wore denim, but were sitting down, so it was hard to see all of the details of their outfits.

Bevarly’s bikini top was red with white accents, and she added a pop of white to her outfit with a watch on her left wrist.

The photo showed them sitting together in a white chair at the restaurant. The two models smiled for the shot, as Sofia played with her hair. The update was geotagged at Planta South Beach, a restaurant that specializes in plant-based food.

Many fans commented on the looks of both women.

“You both are gorgeous ladies,” said a fan.

“Absolutely glamorous babes,” stated a follower.

“Holy sh*t my two favorite models……together! My life has been made,” added an Instagram user.

But others were more distracted by the geotag.

“Try Pura vida or lilikoi next time you’re in Miami it’s wayyy better,” advised a fan, who apparently has tried many restaurants in the area.

An Instagram Story later gave fans an even closer look at their fun times together. The women were seen laughing and smiling, as they sprinkled something onto the food on the metal table.

Hannah’s pants were light denim, and rested high on her hips. She wore her hair down in luxurious curls.

Meanwhile, Sofia also wore her hair down, with a heavy left part.

The GIF was geotagged at the restaurant also, so perhaps the models somehow gained entry into the kitchen.

At any rate, Hannah joked in the captions that it was the duo’s “cooking show.”

It’s also worth noting that Sofia shared the exact same photo on her Instagram feed. Bevarly thanked Bang Energy Drinks for bringing the two together.

Palmer’s fans know that she was at the CBD Expo, which ran this weekend. It’s hard to know whether the women were friends before the event, or just met recently. Either way, it’s clear that their friendship is strong.

Hannah commented on Sofia’s photo.

“Love you!!” she exclaimed, following it with heart eye and a red heart emoji.

Meanwhile, Sofia did the same for Palmer.

“Love you boo!” she said, using double heart emoji.