Chanel West Coast Lays On A Pool Floatie In A Yellow Bikini

Chanel West Coast showed off her toned bod on Instagram today, as her captions revealed that her Mexican vacation was over. It's likely no surprise to her fans, who have been watching her post photos of her getaway, that Chanel would still have Mexico on her mind.

The new bikini photo showed Chanel reclining on a bright blue pool floatie, as she propped up her left knee. The swimsuit she wore featured a structured top with thick straps, along with high-waisted bottoms. The rapper and TV personality also wore white, cat-eye sunglasses along with a high top bun.

"I feel you girl, just came back from Cancun," sympathized a fan.

To this, West Coast responded.

"I love Cancun," she said.

Another follower seemed to play off of Chanel's support of marijuana.

"Smoke two joints in the morning I smoke two joints at night," they said.

"I see you like Mexico a lot,we like you to!" added another Instagram user.

On the other hand, there were fans that complained about the cut of the bikini bottoms.

But for the most part, the comments were complimentary. One fan seemed to enjoy the vibe of the photo.

"Water and sun is a good place to float away for sure," they said.

Prior to this, West Coast shared several photos that she took in the streets of Mexico. One of her updates showed her in a red outfit with tons of fringe. She stood with her back facing the camera, in between two outdoor tables. Behind her, you could see a closed store.

The outfit consisted of a red bralette and pants with a ton of fringe up and down the leg. She wore her hair down and had on large earrings.

"It's just viva Mexico," noted a fan, whose views were later echoed by many others.

The complaint was about Chanel's captions.

But others focused more on how she looked.

"Absolutely gorgeous in every way possible," said a follower.

"You look so beautiful Chanel," responded an Instagram user.

A fan also had more to say to West Coast than how great she looked.

"Go to #mexicodf and walk around with a camera get some food, go to the university," suggested a fan, who seemed to be from the area.

Whether it's hard to know everything that Chanel did in Mexico, she has shared Instagram Stories with video of a nightclub and photos of her going out. She's also shared plenty of bikini pics.