August 5, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Has Compromising Photos Of Donald Trump With Women

Convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has been linked to many famous people, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, which has sparked rumors that Epstein has dirt on such figures. Now, Spectator USA reports that Epstein told a mutual acquaintance during Trump's 2016 presidential run that he had compromising photos of the president — described as "'sort of sexy, sort of suggestive" — that were taken years earlier.

But the accuracy of the source's story still isn't clear, and the source claims to be unsure of the age of the girls.

"Jeffrey had a set of these pictures that had been taken, probably 2003, 2004, of Trump with a variety of the same girls that Jeffrey got in trouble for," the source said. "They're vaguely suggestive, but not overtly sexual. I think maybe in one picture a girl was sitting on his lap."

"There's a picture in which he has a stain on the front of his pants, a potentially embarrassing stain, and the girls are pointing at it and laughing," the source continued. "That's what I remember. There were maybe a dozen of these pictures.'"

Although the source identified at least one of the girls in the photos as the same as one of the girls police interviewed in relation to Epstein's charges, few of the girls questioned were underage.

The details of Epstein's life and goals — and the people connected to him — continue to leak out as the case against him progresses. A recent report from The New York Times reveals that Epstein had the dream of seeding the human race with his DNA. His goal is connected to his fascination with transhumanism, which is rooted in the belief that humans can be transformed and improved using science and technology.

Per The Inquisitr, Epstein used his money to get close to prominent scientists and speak about his ideas. But not everyone was impressed. Famous science author Steven Pinker claims that he saw through Epstein's disguise and called the financier an "intellectual imposter." Pinker also claims that he was eventually cut off from Epstein's gatherings after he challenged Epstein's argument that attempts to reduce starvation and invest in health care were misguided, which Epstein claimed was connected to the risk of overpopulation.

WUSF News reports that Epstein has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges. In addition, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw claims that it has suspended the work release program that allowed the disgraced financier to visit his office during his previous 13-month sentence for prostitution-related charges. The suspension is reportedly to accommodate an investigation into the program.