Dayton Police Release Video Of Moment Shooter Connor Betts Is Shot By Police Before Entering Crowded Nightclub

Police revealed on Sunday that Dayton mass shooter Conner Betts — a 24-year-old resident of suburban Bellbrook, Ohio — needed only 30 seconds to kill nine people and wound 27 others at about 1:05 a.m. Sunday morning, in a mass shooting outside a popular bar in Dayton's bustling Oregon District, according to a National Public Radio report.

But after that 30 seconds, police shot and killed Betts before he was able to enter the Ned Peppers nightclub in Dayton, likely preventing dozens of further fatalities inside the crowded food and drink establishment. Police on Sunday released security camera video showing the final moments of Betts's life, as he was killed in a hail of police gunfire, as The Daily Mail reported.

Police were able to, in their terms, "neutralize the threat" from Betts despite the fact that the gunman was wearing body armor, according to a Sinclair Broadcast Group report. Betts was also wearing a mask and ear protection, while firing a.223 caliber-like rifle that he purchased legally, but converted to take a 100-round "drum" magazine — of which Betts had "several" in his possession, according to the SBG report.

Police have not stated what they believe motivated Betts to stage his terror attack, but during a search of Betts' home in Bellbrook, investigators found writings showing that Betts "had an interest in killing people," according to a CNN report.

The writings did not indicate a political or racial motive to the shootings, CNN reported. Of the nine people killed by Betts, six were African-American, and three were white including Betts' own sister, who was slain, according to CBS News.

According to a Facebook post by Ben Seitz of Cincinnati, Ohio, who said that he was a high school classmate of Betts, the now-deceased shooter was "a real scumbag who threatened to kill women and attack the school."

Seitz also said that Betts was "not bullied" in high school, but instead was "a classic glorifier of violence and an all around unpleasant person who had threatened many of my friends in the past."

The accuracy of Seitz's statements has not yet been publicly verified. But another high school classmate of Betts, Spencer Brickler, told CNN that during Betts' sophomore year, he was one once detained by school administrators after they discovered that Betts maintained a "kill list" and a "rape list" of other students, as quoted by Raw Story.

Surveillance video showing the police shootout that ultimately resulted in Betts's death may be seen below, courtesy of CBC News. Readers should be warned — the images in the video may be considered upsetting.

Officers were able to respond quickly to the gunfire simply because they were on routine patrol of the normally safe nightlife district, according to the NPR report. Within 20 seconds, the officers ran toward the "hail of gunfire," and 10 seconds later, took down the shooter.