'Massacre Mitch' Hits Top Of Twitter Trends As Mitch McConnell Comes Under Attack For Blocking Gun Legislation

Mitch McConnell is earning the ire of Twitter on Sunday, with the term "Massacre Mitch" shooting to the top of the trending page amid criticism that the Senate Majority Leader is blocking legislation to address gun violence in the United States.

McConnell became a major target for criticism in the wake of two deadly mass shootings in a span of 13 hours this weekend, one in El Paso, Texas, that claimed the lives of 20 people and another in Dayton, Ohio, that left nine people dead, including the shooter.

As USA Today reported, McConnell faced a massive backlash after a tweet saying that he was standing with law enforcement and that he and his wife were sending prayers to the victims. McConnell referred to the shootings as "sickening," but many others were sickened by his efforts to block legislation that could address gun violence.

Congresswoman Katie Hill laid into McConnell, saying "shame on you" for his refusal to allow for a vote on a number of gun violence prevention bills that had been passed by the House of Representatives. As the USA Today report noted, McConnell has repeatedly refused to allow the Senate to vote on the House bills, even though many passed with massive support.

The bills included a number of bipartisan measures, including one that would prohibit person-to-person firearm sales at gun shows unless a background check could be conducted. Other efforts seek to put in place what are known as "red-flag" laws, which would allow family members or law enforcement to limit a person's access to firearms if they are deemed a potential threat, the USA Today noted.

Many across Twitter were not happy about Mitch McConnell saying he offered prayers to the victims while actively blocking legislation that could help prevent these events. Many shared tweets calling on the Senate Majority Leader to allow the bills to come to the floor, and others attacked his connections to the National Rifle Association.

Mitch McConnell is not the only politician taking heat in the wake of this weekend's deadly mass shootings. President Donald Trump has also been criticized for his refusal to identify attacks that are carried out by white supremacists as acts of domestic terrorism, and for what critics see as his actions to purposely stoke racial tensions in the United States.

Trump said, on Sunday, that he was planning to make an announcement on Monday about actions taken in response to this weekend's deadly shootings.