Lisa Rinna's New Photo Shows Anorexia Recovery From Daughter Amelia In See-Through Dress

Lisa Rinna has had her fill of worries. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, has recently suffered from anorexia nervosa, although the 18-year-old is now firmly in recovery.

Amelia has appeared in an Instagram update posted by her mother today. Lisa took to the platform to celebrate a family-centric calendar day with both her daughters. Lisa appeared sandwiched between Amelia and the 56-year-old's other daughter, Delilah Belle.

The picture seemed to show Amelia looking the picture of health. This beautiful brunette was looking feminine and simply stunning in a long, clingy, and stylish gown in black. While the sheer material was upping the ante, the finish was impeccably classy with paneled and ruffled details accentuating the upscale feel. Amelia posed with a direct gaze as she sent the camera her captivating stare. She was not, however, outshining her family members, with both Lisa and Delilah also wowing.

Delilah appeared to the left of her mother. The blonde was showing a little more skin than her sister via a cut-out dress with chest-baring elements and sexy netting showcasing her legs. Also looking ravishing was Lisa, although her leather dress contrasted from the softer fabrics chosen by her daughters.

The trio posed together with a sizzling mother-and-daughters display that ticked boxes for family love, style, and a reminder of just how good these three look together.

Lisa's update did not go unnoticed. It had racked up over 10,000 likes within just 30 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought over 214 fans into the comments section.

Amelia seems to have taken a particularly brave route when it comes to her eating disorder. Alongside facing her struggles face-on and dedicating her mindset to recovery, the star has also braved the public eye. Last year, Amelia took to Instagram to open up about being sick. Bikini photos of Amelia looking worryingly thin are still live on her account, but they now come covered up by more recent updates showing a healthier frame.

Amelia has also opened up to Glamour about her anorexia. Her words referenced a swimwear image that had sparked concern.
"The photo of me in the white bikini that I chose to accompany the post has become my infamous anorexia photo. When I'd taken it a year earlier, I remember I wasn't allowed to post it. My mom knew I looked unhealthy and she didn't want me to open myself up to a flood of public shaming from the internet. I think that's ultimately why I used that photo—it was taken at one of my worst moments, and it showed just how far I'd come."
Fans would likely agree that Amelia has, indeed, come a long way.