Murdered Student Ally Kostial Was Reportedly Pregnant With Her Alleged Killer's Child, Her Friends Say

As if the story of University of Mississippi student Ally Kostial's murder wasn't already tragic enough, there's been an even more horrific turn. Kostial was only 21-years-old when she was shot eight times and died. The primary suspect in the case is her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Brandon Theesfeld.

Theesfeld is 22-years-old and was also a student at the University of Mississippi. The friends of Kostial claim Theesfeld treated her horribly for years, manipulating her to get what he wanted and taking advantage of her affection toward him. The stories Kostial's friends have shared regarding this pair's relationship are dark and disturbing, according to The New York Post.

While Kostial was desperately in love with Theesfeld, he reportedly had no intention of committing to her or sharing her affection. Thus, he continued to lead her on. Now, Kostial's sorority sisters have revealed that she had informed them that she was pregnant prior to her death. The baby's father was allegedly Theesfeld.

When Kostial told Theesfeld about the child, he reportedly grew angry and insisted that she get an abortion. He was reportedly concerned about what becoming a father would do to his future. But she did not want to terminate the pregnancy.

Whether or not Kostial was indeed pregnant is still yet to be confirmed by the Lafayette County Coroner's Office. If what sources close to Kostial are saying are true, then she would have been around 17 weeks pregnant at the time of her death. It will be longer before the coroner's office will be able to say whether or not she was, in fact, pregnant.

"The initial examination of Alexandria Kostial was performed. The additional ballistic, trace and comparative testing is not complete. The final complete autopsy report will not be issued by the State Medical Examiner until all evidence is processed and analyzed."
The Lafayette County Coroner's Office went on to express the fact that they believe they also owe Kostial's loved ones time to process her tragic passing before they go releasing personal details regarding her life to the public.
"With all due respect, we are trying to solve the tragic murder of a 21-year-old college student and the sensitive details of our investigation are vital in presenting the case and ultimately ensuring that justice is served for the person responsible for this senseless act."
Theesfeld has been arrested for Kostial's murder, he but intends to plead not guilty.