The Friends Of Slain Student Ally Kostial Say Her Alleged Killer Would Tell Her He Loved Her Then Take It Back

Ally Kostial, a 21-year-old student at the University of Mississippi, had many things going for her in her life. She had loving friends, was succeeding in school, and had a bright future ahead of her. But the one painful and difficult spot in her life was her relationship with 22-year-old Brandon Theesfeld, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, and now her alleged killer.

Kostial was found dead on July 20 with eight gunshot wounds. Police and Kostial's friends believe that Theesfeld was the one who took her life, according to Crime Online.

It's safe to say Kosital's friends didn't like Theesfeld. In fact, they believed their relationship was toxic and emotionally abusive. Theesfeld allegedly strung Kostial along, only reaching out to her when he felt like it and ignoring her the rest of the time. But Kostial believed she was in love with him and only wanted him to feel the same way about her.

Kostial's friends say that there were times Theesfeld did tell her those words that she desperately wanted to hear. He would reportedly tell Kostial he loved her while drinking and then take it back the next day in the cruelest way possible.

"He would tell her he loved her and then he'd say 'F— you, I was just drunk, I don't care about you,'" one friend of Kostial's said of her relationship with Theesfeld.

The friend went on to explain how Theesfeld, who came from a privileged family, would often use money to get his way.
"He was like the type of guy that, if you didn't gibe with him, he'd be rude, he'd use his money to get things, he'd have six girls around the table and he'd sit back and laugh at them like a pig, he was super misogynistic. All she wanted was to be enough for him and for him to want her, and he quite literally was the death of her."
Photos from Kostial's social media pages show her and Theesfeld posing together at a formal dance, smiling wide with their arms around one another. They look very much in love. When looking at that photograph, it's hard to believe the dark things that were reportedly going on behind the scenes.

Theesfeld was arrested two days after Kostial's body was found. Police used his debit card information and cell phone to track him to a gas station. He will reportedly plead not guilty to the murder.