Barbara Palvin Shares Sweet Post For Dylan Sprouse's Birthday

Victoria's Secret Angel Barbara Palvin and child actor turned mead maker Dylan Sprouse have been dating for a while now, and Palvin decided to mark Sprouse's birthday by sharing a sweet shot and caption on Instagram with her 12.5 million followers.

In the black and white snap, Palvin and Sprouse were snuggled close and looking straight at the camera. Sprouse, whose hair was shaved down to a buzz cut, had on a black shirt and chain necklace and had his lips parted in a casual expression. The stunning Palvin rocked a smoky eye look and glanced up through her lashes at the camera as she rested her cheek against Sprouse's head. Palvin rocked a cozy-looking white top for the shot.

In the caption, Palvin called Sprouse the "world's best snuggler" and shared some kind words about him, and well wishes for the year ahead. Sprouse, who was born in 1992, just turned 27 years of age — a few years older than Palvin's 25 years.

The Angel's fans absolutely loved the sweet shot and the glimpse into the duo's relationship, and the snap received over 743,000 likes within just two hours. Many of her followers took the opportunity to wish Sprouse a happy birthday themselves in the comments section of the post.

Earlier this year, Sprouse chatted with E! News about his relationship and gave his fans a bit of insight into what life is like between the stunning duo. While many fans may assume that the duo's date nights consist of limitless luxury, the truth is a whole lot more normal than many would think, according to Sprouse.
"Honestly, we're pretty low-key. We like watching anime and chilling inside and eating ice cream together. That's kind of our thing. We've been trying to find some new food places to eat at in the city, and I really want to take her to Iceland and Japan. Those are the two places that we want to go really badly."
The duo certainly isn't strangers to traveling together. In fact, Sprouse has even been to Palvin's native country, Hungary, where they attended a music festival together.

While the public is interested in their relationship, they don't seem to be under the same level of scrutiny as Sprouse's twin brother, Cole, and his girlfriend Lili Reinhart. Reinhart and Cole Sprouse star together on the hit teen show Riverdale and often face far more speculation about their relationship status than Dylan Sprouse and Palvin do.