Friends Of Slain Ole Miss Student Ally Kostial Share Videos Of Her Enjoying Her Life

Ally Kostial was a 21-year-old student from the University of Mississippi. She was a hardworking student, a beloved member of her sorority, and someone who enjoyed every moment of life. Unfortunately, her life was cut tragically short when she was shot eight times last month. Her on-again and off-again boyfriend Brandon Theesfeld is currently the primary suspect in her murder. Theesfeld is 22-years-old and was also a student at the University of Mississippi. Both his lawyer and his father have publicly claimed that he is innocent, according to the Clarion Ledger.

According to many of Kostial's friends, Kostial's relationship with Theesfeld was anything but healthy. They claim he would often lead her on and manipulate her, at some points even being emotionally abusive. However, she believed she was in love with him, despite her friends' pleas for her to end the toxic relationship. Kostial's body was found on July 20 in a secluded area about 30 minutes from campus. Police used cell phone data and credit card information to track Theesfeld to a gas station. It was there he was picked up and taken into custody.

Kostial's friends are still in the process of grieving this unimaginable loss. However, the pain is eased when they think about the happier moments they shared with her. They have recalled her zest for life, her constant smile, and her genuine care for other people. Many of her friends have taken to social media to share their favorite video clips and images from times they shared with Kostial.

Hannah Chauvin was one of Kostial's best friends. She pointed out how Kostial exudes joy in every photo and video clip.
"Ally taught us how to look on the positive side of any situation. It's an extremely traumatic time, an extremely devastating time. But also we just have to think, we're just so lucky to have known Ally, so lucky that we spent so many great times with her. We have pictures and videos — all laughing, all smiling."
Another one of Kostial's friends, Claire Sigrist, draws inspiration from her friend who's life was cut short too soon. Kostial only got 21 years of life, but she made the very most of them.
"It's hard, but it's just nice to know we do have Ally with us. Her light does shine. And she's taught us to love each other and love life. I just want to live my life more like her."