'Maxim' Model Rachel Bush Shares Racy Instagram Photo From 'Bikini-Only' Party With Her Pals

Rachel Bush had a party with a very skimpy dress code, and the Maxim model's fans are loving it.

This weekend, the busty model took to Instagram to share some snaps from a day out with her pals, who all seemed to sport equally curvy physiques and a penchant for wearing revealing clothing. The picture showed Rachel sporting a thong bikini as she sat at an outdoor table with her pals who all wore bikinis as well, sipping on some horchata and enjoying their time out in the sun.

The picture drew a big reaction from Rachel's followers, many of whom wished they could have been on the guestlist for the revealing affair.

"Why was i not invited," one person lamented.

"Can i come over for dinna," another asked.

Bush has frequently partied with her pals, which include some other well-known Instagram models like Bre Tiesi, the former wife of NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. As The Inquisitr noted, the two were among a group of other beautiful women who came together in Miami for what Bre dubbed a "divorce party" after her formal split from the former Cleveland Browns starter. Like this weekend's outing, the party included plenty of time on the beach sporting bikinis for Rachel, Bre, and the rest of the great-looking gang.

Rachel Bush has used her own relationship with an NFL star to help vault her to the upper strata of Instagram models. The 21-year-old is married to Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer and has used the attention from their marriage to gain a foothold in the crowded and competitive field of social media influencers. Rachel has even spun some otherwise bad publicity into a way to help her career, weathering a scandal in which her husband was publicly accused of cheating and Rachel was accused of sending some semi-threatening messages to the other woman.

But it's not all scandal that helped launch Rachel Bush to the top. She has also gotten attention through an appearance in Maxim and through some regular interactions with her followers.

Rachel emerged from the scandal unscathed and actually saw a significant jump in Instagram followers in its aftermath. She has more than doubled her followers since last year, recently crossing the 1 million mark and steadily moving toward 2 million.

Those who want to see more racy photos from Rachel Bush -- and all her adventures with her great-looking friends --- can check out her Instagram feed.