'90 Day Fiancé': Jay Smith's Boss Explains Why He Paid His Bail

TLC reality star Jay Smith was released from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody last week after being bailed out by his boss, Ego. Now, Smith's employer is sharing his thoughts on the situation and explaining why he made the decision to help Smith, according to a report from In Touch Weekly.

Smith appeared on the sixth season of 90 Day Fiancé with estranged wife Ashley Martson, who he met while she was visiting his home country of Jamaica for a friend's wedding. The couple reconnected via social media after Martson returned to the United States and began dating long-distance. After getting to know each other, Martson returned to the island and Smith proposed marriage. The couple applied for the K-1 visa to bring Smith to America, where they got married in a chapel in Las Vegas. After returning from their impromptu Vegas wedding, Martson discovered Smith had been talking to other women. The mother-of-two decided to forgive her new husband, but Smith went on to cheat with multiple other women, including one woman he had sex with in the bathroom of a local barbershop, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Martson filed for divorce and the termination of the couple's marriage meant Smith was now living in the country illegally. In July, Smith was detained by ICE and spent almost a month in custody before being bailed out by Ego, who believes Smith deserves better.

"I just know that Jay needed help and it seemed right to help a very very wonderful energetic guy," he said. "[I] can't see him stuck in an unfortunate situation. He deserves better."

Ego, who came to America when he was a teen, said he found himself in a similar situation when he was younger.

"I was incarcerated for a long time with no visits, phone calls, letters or money in the books. I was in a bad relationship before as well with a woman who has mental issues, so I pretty much understand where he is coming from," he continued, before adding he felt like helping Smith was the right thing to do.

During his time in custody, Smith's rumored girlfriend, Kayla O'Brien, created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the Jamaican tattoo artist's legal bills. After appearing in front of a judge, Smith's bail was set to $4,500, which was paid in full by his employer. Later that day, O'Brien took to Instagram to share a video of Smith's release. In the video, the woman was seen running toward Smith and jumping into his arms before kissing him.

Since his release, Smith has returned to work and has posted several new completed tattoo projects to his social media account.

However, despite being a free man again, Smith isn't totally out of the woods just yet. He will be required to attend a deportation hearing, where a judge will decide if he can stay in the United States or if he'll be forced to return to Jamaica.