Bella Thorne's Bikini Clings To Her Curves In New Instagram Video

Bella Thorne got flirty in a new Instagram video, and her fans seem to be loving every second of it.

The video's been watched over 572,000 times so far, and it hasn't even been one hour since Bella posted it.

The clip shows Thorne wearing a tiny bikini that clings to her curves. The base color of the swimsuit was a light tan color, with a black grid pattern. She accessorized with multiple necklaces, and wore her hair down.

Bella started the video by running up to the camera and getting it rolling, after which she stood back and started dancing. The actress started by doing a Fouetté into a pirouette. She then twirled around with her left hand in the air.

During Thorne's performance, a couple of people walked into the room and watched her finish the clip. In the backdrop, it was possible to make out a living room with couches, a console, and a print of a city skyline on the walls.

In addition to all of her new personal posts, Bella has been sharing screenshots of fan comments about her book, Life of a Wannabe Mogul. She also shared a photo of herself sitting next to a giant poster of the book cover in late July.

The photo showed Thorne wearing a white outfit, which appeared to be a dress with lapels. She completed her look with strappy white sandals. Bella sat in a blue chair, as she placed her left hand into the air in front of the cover.

The poster of the book cover was likely as tall as Bella. It was red with black, tree-like designs in the front.

Plenty of people stopped by with their compliments, including Paris Hilton.

"Congrats babe!" she exclaimed, following it up with a series of champagne bottle emoji.

Amanda Cerny, a fitness model, also added her comment.

"Yes bella!!!!" she said.

Other fans poured in with their various comments.

"Congrats Bella!!! Cannot wait to get my copy. Books are so SO important. They are still the greatest escape," said a follower.

"You were freakin' awesome on the Stern show today!! Peace and Love to you Bella and best of luck to you, mogulism is right around your corner. Rock on!!" exclaimed another fan.

The book is very personal, as Thorne took this opportunity to open up to her fans in a way she never has before. The actress has also been very vocal about not having the book edited by anyone else before publication.