WWE News: Former Superstar Opens Up About His Depression And Addiction

Former WWE superstar Big Cass -- who now wrestles under the name CaZXL on the independent circuit -- recently spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet about the some of the personal demons he's had to confront in recent times in order to get his career back on track. The wrestler suffered a seizure at a December 2018 event that was related to those demons.

According to CaZXL, the seizure was the result of him not taking care of himself too well. He revealed that he was drinking a lot at the time just to get through the day, and it affected his physical and mental health.

"Before the seizure, every day I was drinking a handle of Tito's vodka. Every motherf***ing day, a whole handle. You can ask my Drizly driver, he can attest to it."
In the interview, he also said that he's been dealing with depression and anxiety on a daily basis since high school, but he pretended to be fine. His condition got worse upon joining NXT, and that carried over into his time on the main roster -- which eventually led to him becoming out of control and losing his job.

The superstar believes that his depression is caused by a chemical imbalance, but he's been forced to mask it and get on with his job throughout the years.

However, he now hopes to use this experience to remove the stigma attached to depression and mental health issues in sports. In wrestling, performers don't usually come forward about their personal issues, but history is littered with stories of wrestlers with similar experiences.

"If you suffer from depression, you bury that deep, deep down and you don't let anybody see it, or you don't talk about it. It's the worst thing you can do. Everybody's embarrassed or there's a stigma out there that you're weak, or that you're a 'p***y.'"
CaZXL's issues in WWE are well documented, and he opened up about some of them on the podcast. While he insists that some of the stories about are false, he admitted that some of them are accurate.
One of his biggest mistakes was ignoring Vince McMahon's instructions for a segment, which resulted in him beating up a little person. According to CaZXL, he'd "lost [his] mind" weeks before and let his colleagues down.

As The Inquisitr reported, he's open to returning to WWE down the line. He's been working on bettering himself in recent months, and his openness about his issues reveals how much he's grown since his WWE run. Now it remains to be seen if WWE is willing to give him a second chance.