Jenelle Evans Dubbed An Unfit Mother As 'Chickens' Pic Enrages Fans

Jenelle Evans has caused a stir. The former Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram earlier today for a family update. The 27-year-old's post showed her three children Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley enjoying some farm time with poultry. Each child had been photographed holding a chicken in what appeared to be a fun moment.

While the first photo showed the kids grinning for the camera, the second offered a more candid moment with two of the children looking down at the animals they were holding.

It looks like Jenelle's recent headline-making has left its mark. Fans have been taking to the comments section of Jenelle's post with what are likely references to her recent dramas. Earlier this year, the star's husband David Eason allegedly shot and killed the family's dog, Nugget. Both Jenelle and David then lost custody of their three children, although all have since been returned to their parents' care.

The most upvoted comment to today's post appeared to slam Jenelle from multiple angles.

"Poor animals, and kids too. You're an unfit pet owner and mother."
Within two hours, over 76 users had liked the comment, with over 28 fans taking the time to reply.

"Hope the kids don't get bit, those animals will never be seen again," another popular comment read.

This remark likely pertains to the reported build-up leading to Eason's alleged dog-shooting. As The Inquisitr reports, Nugget had bitten 2-year-old Ensley. Laced with references as this user's comment was, it nonetheless appeared to be giving today's chicken situation the thumbs-down.

Other remarks slamming Jenelle's parenting also came in.

"Poor little kids because they're with you," one fan wrote.

"If the chicken pets Ensley is Sasquatch gonna shot it? You're ridiculous," another said.

Then again, not all comments were damning in nature. More supportive fans came out in support of Jenelle. One took the time to leave a lengthier comment.

"Everyone of you making negative comments. Saying "poor kids" you all realize the kids are spoken to in cases. If they felt they were unsafe, unloved or in harm's way, they would speak up! They are back with their mother!"
The user continued to outline that sending Jenelle negative comments was, to them, unproductive and unnecessary, alongside stating that all parents make mistakes. Jenelle does not appear to have responded to her fans today.
Jenelle shot to fame on MTV's 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle left the franchise earlier this year amid her husband's dog scandal.

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