Ivanka Trump Slammed By Twitter Users For 'Red Flag' Response To Mass Shootings, 'Who The F*** Are You Again?'

As dozens of politicians, celebrities, and Donald Trump administration officials took to Twitter to react to the dual mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio — as The Inquisitr reported — Trump's daughter Ivanka took to her own Twitter account to endorse a legislative response to the recent wave of mass shootings. With a mass shooting targeting Latin American immigrants in Gilroy, California, last weekend, the United States has seen three in the past eight days, with a death toll of 32, and many more wounded.

Ivanka Trump endorsed a proposal previously posted to Twitter by Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Donald Trump's most outspoken supporters in the Senate. Graham proposed "Red Flag / Extreme Risk Protection Orders," which he called, in an earlier Twitter post, "common-sense legislation in Congress to empower states to deal with those who present a danger."

The "Red Flag" laws allow authorities to seize legally owned firearms from a person determined by a third-party to be "an immediate threat," according to an explanation by The Trace, a nonprofit news organization specializing in coverage of gun-related issues. Those third parties could include family members, law enforcement, school officials, or mental health providers.

Ivanka Trump did not mention comprehensive legislation to ban assault weapons or the anti-immigrant rhetoric used by her father in numerous public statements, rhetoric that critics call racist — as The Inquisitr has reported — and say gives strong encouragement to "white nationalism," as ABC News reported.

Twitter users had no patience with Trump's call for the "Red Flag" laws while she ignored what those critics say is her own father's role in creating an environment that fosters mass shootings by white nationalists.

"We need a president that's not a racist," wrote another Twitter user. Another wrote that the real problem was allowing mentally ill individuals to "GET ANY KIND OF GUN THEY WANT."

Author Tony Posnanski, a frequent critic of Trump on Twitter, reminded Trump's elder daughter that while all countries have citizens with mental health issues, "only one has a gun issue." Posnanski concluded this tweet with some blunt use of profanity directed at the 37-year-old White House adviser.

Another user posted a video clip to illustrate what he called a "straight line" between Trump's rhetoric and the mass shootings.

Entrepreneur and author Greg Shugar on his Twitter account simply asked Ivanka Trump, "Sorry but....who the f*** are you again?"

Another Twitter user, Susan Jeffery, suggested that if Ivanka Trump supported "Red Flag" laws, "you start flying giant red flags over the White House, Mar-A-Lago, and Trump Tower."