The Alleged Murderer Of Mackenzie Lueck Reportedly Tried To Hire A Landscaper For A Disturbing Project

Mackenzie Lueck was a 23-year-old nursing student from the University of Utah. She was a beloved member of her sorority and had high hopes for the future. Unfortunately, her life was cut short when she was tragically murdered this past June. Ayoola Adisa Ajayi, an immigrant from Nigeria, is currently the main suspect in her murder. We're now learning more about the frightening ways in which he allegedly attempted to cover up the crime, according to WGN TV.

On the night that Lueck disappeared, she had just arrived back in Utah after visiting her family in California. After her flight landed, she called for a ride share service to pick her up from the airport and take her to a nearby park. It was then that police believe she met with Ajayi, who was reportedly sitting in a parked car. Although the details regarding how Lueck became involved with the suspect are still under investigation, it's believed that they met through a sugar-daddy and sugar-baby dating app.

Ajayi was initially taken in for questioning by police and was later arrested when he was caught trying to burn something in his backyard. Lueck's body was later found burned, her arms tied behind her back, in a nearby canyon.

Landon Fullmer is a Utah landscaper. He says that he was approached by Ajayi for help with a strange project shortly after Lueck's disappearance. Ajayi claimed he wanted his backyard leveled, but wasn't very specific about why.

Fullmer recalled getting a strange vibe from Ajayi during their first phone conversation.

"I just felt like there was something that he was trying to cover up. We had a phone conversation. I asked him to be a little bit more specific in what he was looking for. He said his backyard needed to be leveled or graded, maybe some soil and some sod brought in."
Ultimately, Fullmer decided to pass on the project because he wasn't comfortable with it. Shortly after, Ajayi was taken into custody.
When the landscaper found out about Ajayi's arrest, he was shocked. He realized that he had almost been part of the cover-up of a horrific crime.
"I had a like a physical reaction to it. I'm like, I was supposed to go and bring in soil and sod and bury that backyard. So, it's kind of a disturbing thought."
The text conversations between Fullmer and Ajayi have been examined by law enforcement.