Florida Man Frederic Smith Accused Of Writing Anti-Gay Slur On Restaurant Bill, Shoving It In Manager's Shirt

A Florida man is charged with battery following an incident in which he reportedly wrote an anti-gay message on a restaurant receipt and then ripped it up and shoved it down a female manager's shirt.

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Frederic Smith, 62, was arrested and taken to jail on Saturday following an incident at the Milagro on 12 Latin Kitchen in St. Augustine. It seems that Smith wrote the words "If he wasn't gay" on the receipt, on which he have a $0.00 tip.

According to The Naples Daily News, the male employee showed the receipt to a manager, a female. She went outside of the restaurant to confront Smith about the tip. An employee who asked not to be identified explained what allegedly happened next.

"He told her, like, 'Yeah I wrote it, and I will rip it up in front of your face,' and ripped it up. He just, like, opened her shirt and shoved it down her shirt. And she screamed, like, 'This is assault!'", the employee said. He allegedly touched the woman's breast in the process.

Smith allegedly screamed that it wasn't assault, and drove off.

Police were later able to track Smith down and ask him about the incident. According to police, he became verbally abusive and angry, and denied touching the woman. As for the message written on the receipt, Smith was allegedly unapologetic. "I can say whatever I want, to whoever I want!," he allegedly said.

Smith was arrested and charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor. He was released Sunday from the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office jail after posting a $500 bond.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Russell Colburn did some digging, and found that Smith has or had a LinkedIn profile, which has either been since set to Private or completely deleted, in which he claimed to be a minister, and referred to himself as "Reverend." Further, according to The Naples Daily News, Smith has, or had, a Facebook profile in which he claimed to be president of Servant's Heart Disaster Relief, based in St. Augustine, which is an "evangelical hands-on ministry devoted to helping hurricane victims in North America and the Caribbean."

The website that came up as the top result in a Google search for "Servant's Heart Disaster Relief" appears to have been taken down, as of this writing. Similarly, a Facebook page bearing the same name also appears to have been taken down.