Kailyn Lowry's Revealing Hawaii Beach Pic Infuriates Instagram With One Tiny Detail

Kailyn Lowry has caused a stir. It's been three days since the Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram for a stunning Hawaii beach photo showing her with three sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux. The family moment ticked boxes for fans wishing to see the 27-year-old together with her sons, although Kailyn's plunging neckline was upping the ante. The blonde's sexy cleavage was on show via a black dress with spaghetti straps.

Fans over in the post's comments section have picked up on something. Their comments haven't disregarded Kailyn's three boys or how great she looked, but many fans have been honing in on the star's caption.

Kailyn's post came as a promotional one, with the star out to let her fans know how helpful the Peanut app has been to her. It looks like the opening "whilst" word used by Kailyn has infuriated her fans.

The most upvoted reply centered around Kailyn's use of the word.

"Pretty sure Kail wouldn't use the world "Whilst,"" the fan wrote.

"Whilst"???? Are you from the UK? lol," another said.

"Whilst? Yeah, ok," was another comment.

One fan seemed particularly angered.

"You know you do not use the word whilst. Just stop," they told the star.

Kailyn did garner some positive replies with fans keen to find out more about the Peanut app, although this update mostly saw the mother of three probed. Many fans queried whether Kailyn is pregnant. Those familiar with the star's social media activity will know that she recently sparked pregnancy rumors by taking to Instagram at the end of last month with what appeared to be an announcement, "it's twins," accompanied a picture of Kailyn smiling in a black jumpsuit.As The Inquisitr reported though, Kailyn's update was a "joke." The picture (seen above) has since had its caption changed.

Kailyn isn't the only member of the MTV franchise to have sparked pregnancy rumors of late. As The Inquisitr reports, an Instagram story from Kailyn showing co-star Chelsea Houska rocking a baby bump recently had fans speculating whether the redhead might be set to welcome another baby. Chelsea does not appear to have made any pregnancy announcements, though.

Also getting fans talking has been former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Her recent social media showed fans what appeared to be a positive pregnancy test.

Despite having her choice of words challenged, Kailyn's update proved popular overall. It racked up over 31,000 likes. Fans wishing to see more of Kailyn should follow her Instagram.