'Captain America' Star Chris Evans Blasts Donald Trump On Twitter

Amid multiple mass shootings across the United States in the past 24 hours, Captain America star Chris Evans took to Twitter late last night to take aim at President Donald Trump.

Just after midnight on the east coast, the 38-year-old actor shared a YouTube clip of Trump at a MAGA rally back in May. The video clip featured the POTUS shrugging off supporters suggesting shooting migrants to keep them from crossing the border.

In his tweet, Evans explained that he shared the 43 second video clip as "just a reminder."

"He laughed. Then he made a joke. Then he mugged for the camera as the crowd applauded. Then he just kept right on talking," Evans added.

In a little more than 12 hours, Evans' tweet accumulated nearly 3,000 comments, more than 30,000 retweets, and more than 127,000 likes.

For the most part, the general consensus among the 3,000 individuals who commented was nothing but love and support for what Evans had to say.

There were, however, a few Twitter users who told the actor he should consider staying away from political topics. A Twitter user by the name of Nebula noted that celebrities chiming in on politics amount to a "bad move" before clarifying that they did not mean any offense to Evans.

Evans also had a couple followers who jokingly suggested that he should consider running for President.

"Chris can you run for President in 2020 and have Misha Collins as your VP?" penned one Twitter user.

A second Twitter user agreed, stating "CHRIS FOR PRESIDENT 2020!"

While they were far and few between, Evans did have a few individuals who fired back at him in the comments section, taking issue with him for sharing the video clip.
"Could you just pray for the victims rather than trying to score cheap political points?" one Twitter user clapped back.

A separate Twitter user called attention to how the video clip was edited to make the POTUS look bad.

Evans wasn't the only individual to take to Twitter to blast Trump by sharing the short video clip of the MAGA rally.

A Twitter post from a political journalist named Alex Cole, published just a few hours before this writing, had also gone viral.

The tweet accumulated more than 1,000 comments, more than 7,000 retweets and was heading toward 10,000 likes.

In an earlier tweet that had not accumulated nearly as much attention, the same user also called out Trump for going golfing instead of going on live television to address the mass shootings.

In a post shared on The Inquisitr's Facebook page, some social media users echoed this complaint as they also took issue with Trump addressing the shootings on social media instead of live television.

Just two hours ago, Evans took to Twitter again. This time he retweeted Trump as he addressed the shootings before exclaiming that "enough is enough."