Kourtney Kardashian's Paparazzi Swimsuit Pics Dubbed A Breath Of Fresh Air

Kourtney Kardashian has had the paparazzi hot on her heels for over a week, with cameras following her throughout her European travels. Photos have mostly been showing the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star rocking bikinis; it looks like today has afforded some variety, though.

Photos of the 40-year-old rocking a one-piece were obtained by The Daily Mail earlier today, with viewers to the newspaper's report proving quick to comment. It looks like the star's plunging Fendi one-piece has been welcomed by some fans.

The Daily Mail's images showed Kourtney enjoying low-key moments with her kids. The mother of three was photographed in rocky jetty settings, with snaps also showing Kourtney catching some rays by the water. All showed Kourtney flaunting her curves in the same swimsuit. The one-piece was low-cut at the back and similarly-so at the front for a racy, cleavage-flashing finish.

While not all comments threw Kourtney praise, a fair amount sent the star the compliment she frequently receives – namely, appearing natural in her paparazzi images.

"Kourtney's appeal is that she is the natural looking one. Real. And she's getting slated here because she is relaxing on her hols and isn't skinny. You can't win with DM readers clearly. Lol," one user wrote with others agreeing.

"Hate to say it but at least these photos of her here look natural and not the usual airbrush, huge bums and weird poses. Sometimes less is more," another wrote.

"Got to admit that even at the age of 40, Kourtney is looking absolutely stunning in her swimsuit than most women half her age would look" was another comment.

The star was probed by some viewers. Comments suggesting that Kourtney isn't slender were made, but these appeared of a somewhat trolling nature. Likewise commented on was 4-year-old son Reign's long hair. When it came to Kourtney's swimsuit body though, it did look like some of her fans were considering her a breath of fresh air.

"Love her. She looks good, healthy, and pretty normal," another fan stated before requesting that other celebrities share more natural photos of themselves.

Kourtney's current vacation has been a hot topic for the star's fans. Photos have shown Kourtney exploring Corsica, France with her three children, although those familiar with the Poosh CEO's activities will know that she's moved on to Italy. Just last night, Kourtney was photographed heading to dinner in downtown Portofino in a wowing and barely-there dress, per The Daily Mail.

It looks like Kourtney has received the thumbs-up from her supportive fans.