Halle Berry Puts Pert Derriere On Display In Sultry New Instagram Pic

Halle Berry has taken Instagram by storm with yet another one of her riveting fitness photos. Shared on August 2 under the now-popular "Fitness Friday" hashtag, the new pic showed the fabulous actress striking a sultry pose as she stepped in front of the camera together with her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas.

As Halle's massive Instagram following knows all too well, Peter is frequently featured in her "Fitness Friday" posts. The two have been training together for more than three years and appear to have forged a strong bond after embarking on her fitness journey together.

In fact, the Catwoman star often draws motivation from their close camaraderie, as seen from many of her workout posts on Instagram. Moreover, Halle regularly invites Peter to host the well-known "PHIT Talks" segment with her. Shared on her Instagram Stories, the talks are in high demand among her fans, as they provide Halle's followers with an interesting selection of tips and tricks on how to go about their own workout regimen.

To celebrate the fruitful partnership with her trainer, Halle shared an inspirational post centered around motivation and the value of a dedicated workout partner when it comes to tackling many of the issues that generally get people sidetracked from their commitment to fitness.

To better put her point across, the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum actress posted an eye-catching snap of her and Peter, one that stirred a lot of reaction on Instagram. The new pic saw Halle suggestively cozying up to her trainer for a very artistic shot that spoke volumes about the deep friendship and trust shared between the two.

Snapped outdoors, with a pale blue sky hanging overhead, Halle and Peter snuggled up for a very expressive photo that conveyed a lot of meaning. The two looked strained and out of breath, suggesting that they had just completed one of the famously intense workout sessions that Halle uses to keep healthy and fit, and to maintain her spectacular, age-defying figure.

Photographed sitting down, Peter rested one arm on his knee as he looked into the distance with arrested attention. Meanwhile, Halle stood behind him, wearing a fatigued expression, leaning her body against his strong, muscular back. Their pose appeared to suggest that Halle saw in her trainer a rock to lean on and a steady source of support in her fitness endeavor.

While the photo was certainly a moving one, it wasn't without a certain degree of spice. For one thing, Halle sent some serious sexy vibes as she flaunted her jaw-dropping figure in a pair of skintight black leggings and a tiny matching sports bra. The 52-year-old stunner put her pert derriere on display as she arched her back to lean against her trainer in what was arguably a very sultry pose.

Likewise, her taut waistline was also copiously showcased. The X-Men alum bared her midriff in the skimpy top, flashing quite a bit of skin as she rested her hand on Peter's brawny arm.

At the same time, Peter wore nothing but a pair of tight black shorts, appearing completely shirtless in front of the camera. The dashing 35-year-old trainer and action stunt consultant showed off his ripped abs in the head-turning pic, all while having Halle sprawled over his bare back.

In the caption of her post, Halle talked about the importance of having a good workout partner. The glamorous actress argued that a strong sense of camaraderie with someone who is equally invested in health and working out can prove crucial when it comes to proper motivation and maintaining focus on one's fitness goals. The Hollywood A-lister also touched on turning to a workout buddy for inspiration and for dealing with problems such as lack of discipline, unbalanced diet, and mental health.

"One of the many reasons why I love working out with @peterleethomas is his inventive and fun exercises. He always keeps it new and fresh," the Cloud Altas actress wrote in a previous Instagram post.

As per usual, Halle's fitness post reeled in a lot of engagement from her adoring fans, racking up a little shy of 76,000 likes. As soon as the photo went live, people flocked to the comments section to leave sweet messages of appreciation and to share their own fitness stories.

"OMG Halle you are just gorgeous!! and Peter Lee Thomas ain't too bad himself Keep movin [sic] that bod!!!" read one message, which also included a couple of heart-eyes emoji, two heart emoji, and a pair of drooling-face emoji.

"Fitness Champs," said a second person, ending their post with a blowing-kiss emoji.

"This is an art piece," a third Instagram user wrote under the captivating photo, adding a heart-eyes emoji for emphasis.

One of Halle's fans took the time to pen a lengthier message that described their own bond with their personal trainer.

"Love this!!! I have a wonderful trainer who pushes me to achieve more, which is great. But I also love home yoga practice with my husband. He's always there reminding me that I'll feel better after, even if it's just a 10 min session."