Elsa Hosk Gets Flirty In A Collage On Instagram

Elsa Hosk got flirty in a series of photos on her Instagram page. There were nine photos in total, which showed her rocking a variety of outfits.

The first outfit showed her in a crop top, which she paired with high-waisted pants. The top she wore was so small, that it exposed parts of her chest. She hit a variety of poses, including some standing up, popping her hips to the side, and on her knees too.

Another photo showed her topless, as she rocked only the pants. Elsa managed to censor herself just so, all while rocking her hair in loose waves.

Meanwhile, Elsa has her own set of new photos on her social media feed. Her newest update showed her rocking a daily outfit. It consisted of a white, structured top with a front tie. She also wore tiny biker shorts, along with white flip flops. The first photo of the set showed her crouching low to the ground in front of a doorway. She clutched a white purse in her left hand, while wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.

Hosk's hair was worn down in a middle part, as she pursed her lips slightly.

The following photos revealed more about Elsa's outfit, along with more images in color and black-and-white.

As flirty as the first photo was, Hosk shared a second image of herself in the same, braless outfit. The biker shorts were very small, as it was easier to see that she wore a pendant necklace. The model completed the look with a pair of white, strappy sandals.

Previously, Elsa opened up about some of her personal life. And although she is often seen in sexualized content online, she describes herself of something "anti" all that. This was further described by Net-A-Porter.

"It's my little sanctuary, and I love having people over instead of going out, because we always go out in New York. Having people over, you connect in a different way – you can just listen to music and talk for hours, without anyone bothering you," she said.

And perhaps Hosk's final photo of herself crouched toward the ground is what she described in her interview.

She smiled widely for the shot, as she crouched low to the ground. She leaned back, placing her weight on her back left foot, as she placed her right foot outward. Elsa also placed her hand on her knee, and somehow managed to balance in heels.