Lais Ribeiro Stuns In Bra Under Jacket

Lais Ribeiro shared a new post from São Paulo, Brazil. And it showed her rocking a black outfit with an eye-catching necklace.

The photo revealed the model standing against a light backdrop. She wore a leather jacket, which she wore over a black bra. It didn't appear as though Lais had bottoms on, although it's hard to know for sure, thanks to the length of her jacket.

Ribeiro also slicked her hair back in a middle part while looking very polished. And it was also hard to miss the large necklace. It was a necklace shaped like what appears to be two snakes, slithering towards each other.

Her makeup included large eyelash extensions, along with glossy lipstick.

"Do you miss Jas and Jo?" asked a fan.

"You are so beautiful I can't even," added a follower.

It would seem that Lais' time in Brazil has been filled with formal moments. In addition to her latest all-black look, she also shared a photo of herself in a pink outfit. She wore a tank top, which was cropped slightly above her belly button. In addition, Ribeiro rocked a pink skirt, which had a small, ribbon tie on the front left. She posed in front of a formal staircase, as she smiled slightly and wore her hair down.

Ribeiro's hair was down in a middle part, and slightly obscured one of her eyes. Meanwhile, her slight smile revealed her pink lipstick. She also wore light nail polish.

But that wasn't all, as Lais shared a second post in the same update.

The second photo showed Ribeiro in a black, leather outfit. It had a front zip, which she left mostly undone. The bodysuit featured studs, which ran up and down her lapel. The model leaned against a light, white wall white placing her hand on the banister.

This update received over 64,000 followers.

"Obsessed with the leather look!" said a fan.

"Omgggg that second look," replied a follower.

But that wasn't all, as Lais also shared a photo wearing a white robe. She smiled with her lips parted, wearing shiny eye makeup. Her hair was also down in loose waves.

The captions may allude to a fashion shoot she's on, but it's hard to know for sure. Whatever the case, it's clear that her fans are all on board.

"is it wear your bath robe to work day!? I need to get a job there," joked a fan.

"You look so amazing! Hope you have a good day today Queen!" added a follower.