Christie Brinkley Rocks White Bikini & Mesh Dress On A Boat

Christie Brinkley shared an update with a ton of amazing pics from her boat day. Erica Pelosini joined her for the day, and the two wore matching, white outfits.

The first picture from the set showed the two women lounging in a boat. Christie was spotted to the left, rocking a white bikini and a long-sleeved, mesh dress. She also sported aviator sunglasses, while her hot pink nails popped in the shot.

Meanwhile, Erica wore a tiny, white bikini and a trucker hat. The women both wore their hair down, and looked to be enjoying the day.

In addition, Brinkley shared a photo of her saluting someone while behind the wheel of the boat. Erica looked just as serious as Christie. Pelosini rocked a light sun hat with a ribbon, which she tied under her chin.

There were additional photos of a small plane that she captured along with the boat. Christie also shared more shots of Erica lounging in the boat.

The set concluded with a photo of Erica, as she sat on a tan cushion and threw up a peace sign. This image also revealed that her hat read, "Rove" in all-caps.

Fans are pouring in from all directions with compliments for the two women.

"The only way to spend your summer Sunrise Sunset Beach," noted a fan.

"Ohh wow wat a life, you worked hard for it," responded another.

"Wow what a pic @christiebrinkley Who's the blonde on the right?" asked a curious fan.

"Epic charter! Ahoy," said an Instagram user.

Yesterday, Brinkley shared a photo of herself in a bright pink outfit. The dress was off-the-shoulder with ruffles along the top. It also fell down to the floor, and had a light pink floral pattern.

Christie grabbed the edge of her skirt with her right hand, and smiled widely at the camera.

The model's other accessories included a turquoise belt, which she used to cinch her waist. It looked like she wore a matching ring on her right hand. Fans couldn't help but notice these pieces, as evidenced in their comments.

"That belt i need that in my life," said a fan.

"Turquoise and raspberry!! Love it," noted a follower.

"I love your turquoise, you certainly have some awesome pieces," responded an Instagram user.

Another fan seemed to recognize one of the accessories.

"Love her belt. She wore it with another outfit recently and was just as stunning. Always beautiful," they said.