February 15, 2015
'Bachelor' Fantasy Suite Dates: Who Spends The Night With Chris, Who Goes Home Without A Rose?

Bachelor Chris Soules will hand out keys to the Fantasy Suite next week, with three ladies getting one-on-one time during the overnight dates episode that airs on February 23. Who will spend the night with Chris, and who will go home without a rose? [Spoilers ahead.]

According to WetPaint, the overnight dates were filmed in Bali. This was the first time Chris traveled with the girls outside of the U.S. — but they didn't stay long. After his dates with Whitney, Becca, and Kaitlyn, he will send one girl home and head back to Iowa for the final rose ceremony.

Reality Steve states that all three girls will accept the key to the Fantasy Suite and enjoy a night of conversation or passion without cameras nearby. Will they all have sex with Chris? That's probably a given, considering all of the kissing Chris did this season.

However, Chris may not get too far with Becca — she's one of the two virgins cast for this season of the Bachelor. Apparently, that doesn't matter to Chris because he supposedly gives her a rose, making her one of Chris' final picks.

Kaitlyn ends up in the Fantasy Suite and many fans will assume that she and Chris were intimate during their alone time — after all, she was the one who said, "You can plow the **** out of my field any day!" on the season premiere. Although Chris and Kaitlyn seemed to connect on a "fun" level, spoilers indicate that she does not get a rose at the rose ceremony. It may not be the last time fans see Kaitlyn -- perhaps she will be on the cast list for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Reality Steve states that Whitney and Chris also spent the night in the Fantasy Suite. Things obviously went very well — she received a rose and headed back to Iowa with Becca and Chris for the final rose ceremony.

Chris reportedly says "I love you" to one woman during the show (off camera), and confirmed this in an interview with People last month. Bachelor fans will get to see him say it on camera on the season finale that airs March 9. There is said to be a proposal at the final rose ceremony, and perhaps the newly engaged couple will ride off into the sunset on a tractor — or something equally cheesy.

Can't wait to find out who Chris is engaged to? Find out who Reality Steve states is the future Mrs. Chris Soules and see if you guessed correctly.

The Bachelor Fantasy Suite dates episode airs February 23 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, followed by the "Women Tell All" (March 2), and the final rose ceremony and live "After the Final Rose" (March 9).

[Images: Whitney Bischoff Twitter, ABC]