Video Shows Driver Plowing Through Crowd Of Marchers At Anti-Violence Rally In Milwaukee

A group of peaceful protesters in Milwaukee had to dart for their lives when a driver barreled through the anti-violence rally, forcing several people to dash out of the path of the speeding car.

Video of the incident was shared by Fox 6 Now in Milwaukee, showing people screaming and families scattering as the blue car turned onto a street where a march was taking place and barreling through the group. It was not clear if the person intentionally tried to hit the peaceful protesters, as the driver of the car appeared to get into a minor accident shortly before taking off.

People could he heard shouting at the driver, who continued to speed down the street and sped away from the scene. It did not appear from the video that anyone was injured in the incident, though witnesses appeared to be shaken afterward.

The video was actually captured by the Fox 6 Now cameras, as a crew was interviewing some of the people participating in the "Stop the Violence" rally at the time. It captured as participants, including young children, were forced to dart out of the path of the car.

Afterward, some of the activists said they would not let the incident stop them from marching against violence in the city. They told Fox 6 News that the driver's reckless behavior is indicative of the disregard for human life that some people in the city have, which the marchers were determined to put a stop to.

"If that mentality had stopped us, then we lose," said Tory Lowe, a community activist.

Milwaukee has seen a spike in violence in recent weeks, including a 24-hour period last week in which four people were killed in separate incidents. As CBS 58 in Milwaukee reported, one was a triple shooting in which a 41-year-old woman was fatally shot while trying to help a female family member who was in a fight with a man. Two other women were also injured in the shooting, the report noted.

Mayor Tom Barrett said the spate of violence took place during what is otherwise a period of decreasing violence crime in Milwaukee.

"This year we have seen, and continue to see a marked decrease in violence in the city, whether its homicides, non-fatal shootings or carjackings, so unfortunately yesterday was a complete anomaly, one that I don't wanna see repeated ever again in this city," he said.

The march on Saturday was organized by the family of a recent homicide victim, Joe Jackson Jr.