‘Big Brother’ 21 Spoilers: Cliff’s Angels Is Stronger Than Ever

Cliff Hogg competes on Big Brother season 21
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

There have been plenty of alliances in the Big Brother house this season. Some have been strong and have dominated the game, and others blew up within 24 hours of being created. From the Six Shooters to the Black Widows, Season 21 has seen it all. But there is one alliance that has seen a re-emergence in the last week after its creation last month. A fan on Reddit compiled a chart detailing the alliances as they stand on Saturday evening.

This chart clearly highlights that Cliff’s Angels has just become one of the strongest alliances in the game, after being a friendship group when it was first created weeks ago. The alliance includes Cliff Hogg, Kathryn Dunn, Nicole Alexander, and Jessica Milagros. The foursome somehow became a force to be reckoned with after the dissolution of the Six Shooters.

After Christie Murphy and Jackson Michie had an explosive falling out on Thursday night, the Six Shooters lost two of its members, leaving them with four. Those four players have not solidified a new alliance and all seem to be partnered up, instead of uniting as one group. This means Cliff’s Angels has dominance in the house.

Jessica Milagros has nominated Jackson and Jack Matthews for eviction, but this means one of the Cliff’s Angels members will be unable to vote in Thursday night’s episode. The Angels will only have three votes, meaning they could still be outnumbered by the other roommates in the house.

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For now, it looks like the target of the Angels is Jack. Jessica and Cliff both nominated the Jason Momoa lookalike in their respective HOH weeks, and the two are gunning for him this week. Nicole appears to be on board with her alliance members in voting out Jack, but Kathryn has been telling different houseguests different things on who she wants to vote out. She has been caught on the live feeds saying she wants to get rid of each of the men and hasn’t made a solid decision as of Saturday evening.

Holly Allen is being referred to as an Angel’s Affiliate this week, especially since she has a tight bond with Kathryn. The two ladies have a final two with one another, but it would be shocking if Holly voted out her showmance partner, Michie, this week.

Also within Cliff’s Angels is a final two deal between Nicole and Cliff. This is the third final two deal of the season, following Christie and Tommy Bracco, and Kathryn and Holly.

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