Jaclyn Smith Shows Off Killer Legs In Red Mini Dress And Sky-High Heels At Age 73

Victoria Miller

Jaclyn Smith just posed for a new photo shoot, and she once again proves that age is just the number. The gorgeous Charlie's Angels veteran, who starred as detective Kelly Garrett on the classic ABC crime-drama from 1976 to 1981, posted two Instagram photos which show her behind the scenes at a recent photo shoot looking half her age.

Smith is wearing a short mini dress and matching heels in the snaps and she shows off her long legs and poses on a staircase for the mystery project. The 73-year-old star promised fans there will be more to come soon and challenged her followers to guess what the photo shoot is for.

Smith's post received nearly 9,000 likes and comments from celebrity pals including Alana Stewart, who wrote. "Wow!!! You go, girl!!!"

Others described Smith as a "gorgeous queen," but there were many hopefuls that asked if the shoot was for something to do with a Charlie's Angels reunion.

"Charlie's Angels reunited with Kate and Cheryl," one follower wrote, referencing Smith's former co-stars Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd.

"Stunning! Is it for an Angels TV reunion????" another asked.

"You're the new bada** female Charlie in the 2020 reboot?" another wishful fan added.

Unfortunately, so far Smith has not been confirmed to appear in the latest Charlie's Angels movie adaption, which is due out this November.

You can see Jaclyn Smith's stunning new photos below.

As for how she keeps her youthful looks and gorgeous figure, Smith previously told Amazing Wellness that her toddler granddaughter Bea has inspired her to stay fit. Smith also eats a diet of raw fruits and vegetables and organic meats and her workout routine includes circuit training with weights and Pilates.

In June, a source close to the original Charlie's Angels star told Closer Weekly that in recent years Jaclyn took her workout routine to a whole new level by adding an insane amount of crunches and leg lifts.

"Besides eating right, she practices yoga and does hundreds of crunches and leg lifts a day, plus planks for core strength and push-ups for toned arms. It's astonishing how youthful looking she is."