Jana Duggar's Beach Photo Impresses Fans

Jana Duggar is supposedly visiting her sister, Jinger Vuolo, in Los Angeles this week. Although, she hasn't come right out and said where she is, her recent photos prove that she is not in Arkansas anymore. Fans have certainly taken notice of how cheerful and relaxed the TLC reality star has been since the visit. In addition to visiting with her family members, Jana has spent time at the beach. But don't look for any kind of swimsuit photos from this girl.

One of the snapshots that the Duggar daughter has just posted via Instagram shows her posing in a striped, high-waisted dress with a tan hat on her head. She is barefoot standing on a sandy beach. You can see the silhouette of the mountains right behind her as well. It looks like she has found her happy place, as she declares in the caption. She told her fans that her happiness is "a new dress on a sunny beach."

The comments began flooding in as soon as the photo was shared. Duggar fans commented that she not only looks gorgeous, but that she appears to be happy and content as well. She is doing a little bit of promoting for the boutique that she bought the dress from. She is offering a special discount. Most of the Duggar girls do some promoting here and there at various online stores, as many celebrities do these days.

Other comments were made about her darker hair color. One person even said that she looks like Kate Middleton in the snapshot. There were others who think that Jana Duggar has already become a California girl and that she should ditch her digs in Arkansas and move to L.A. with her sister.

One person made a smart observation about the Counting On star.

"I think you belong in CA. You look so happy and relaxed, as though you have been waiting your whole life to be a California girl," they said.

Many fans agreed with that statement. Jana sure does look like she fits in quite well in the California sunshine. She is likely enjoying her time with not only Jinger and Jeremy, but also with her 1-year-old niece, Felicity, as well. They have been doing plenty of sightseeing while she has been there.

As previously stated by The Inquisitr, John-David's twin came upon a clothing store in California called Jana. She was so thrilled by that, she just had to have her photo snapped in front of it.

It's doubtful that Jana Duggar would ever move that far away from her family in Arkansas on her own. She is just happy to enjoy the time that she has visiting the Vuolos and savoring the moments of digging her toes in the sandy beaches of California.