Kylie Jenner’s Neon Bikini Launches Deranged Harry Potter Comparison

Kylie Jenner attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Kylie Jenner’s social media updates don’t take long to make headlines. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s Saturday bikini update took less than an hour to be picked up on by The Daily Mail.

The photo of Kylie flaunting her curves poolside in a string neon-green bikini may have had a promotional agenda, but viewers to the newspaper’s report have been commenting more on Kylie herself than the bikini’s matching Adidas footwear.

Many users appeared to be slamming the 21-year-old with what seemed to be either Photoshop or plastic surgery accusations. Multiple individuals referred to paparazzi images of a makeup-free Kylie headed to the dentist. As The Inquisitr reported back in June, the star’s low-key outing made headlines for showing her looking somewhat different compared to the uber-glossy images that appear on her social media.

Hurtful as some of the replies to the newspaper’s report were today, they did seem laced with anger over being fed another of Kylie’s perfect-looking images; clearly, the dentist snaps have not been forgotten.

“We have seen her paparazzi dentist office photos – she looks like a deranged Harry Potter in real life,” one user wrote.

Their comment proved one of the most upvoted, garnering over 107 likes in one hour.

“Yh the dentist pics love!!!” another user said.

The most upvoted response seemed to come from tired-sounding user.

“Another day, another photoshopped pic from Kylie,” they said with many individuals agreeing.

Kylie Jenner Was Spotted Makeup-Free and Legit Looks So Different

— Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) March 27, 2019

This wouldn’t be the first wave of backlash that Kylie has faced this weekend. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, an Instagram picture of Kylie with big sister Kim Kardashian sparked outrage after the Kylie Cosmetics CEO gave the camera the middle finger. Fans appeared enraged by the gesture, with many pointing out that Kylie’s fan following includes children and teenagers.

When it comes to plastic surgery and Photoshop accusations, the Kardashian-Jenners are often accused, with Seventeen chronicling the latter. While many feel that this family’s curves are down to genes, others appear more skeptical. Both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have faced questions about their rear ends, although the sisters maintain that their curves are all-natural. Khloe Kardashian has also sparked comments this year with fans honing in on the 35-year-old’s nose.

Viewers to The Daily Mail‘s report today did, indeed, seem out to challenge what they were seeing.

“YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT,” one fan angrily wrote.

A less irate comment offered Kylie a compliment, but the tone was suspect.

“She’s so cute. Has she had any surgery or is it natural?”

Over on Kylie’s Instagram, the post proved hugely popular, racking up over 3.5 million likes in the space of three hours. Here, the star’s dedicated followers seemed more positive.