Microsoft Trolls Apple By Hiring Man Named Mac Book To Promote Surface

Peter SummersGetty Images

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to prove to potential customers that its Surface Laptop 2 is far superior to Apple’s current MacBook lineup. In the company’s latest attempt at demonstrating its supremacy, Microsoft released a new promotional video featuring a man named Mac Book to compare the Surface Laptop 2 to Apple’s MacBook Air, according to a report from Business Insider.

During the ad, the man, whose full name is Mackenzie Book (Mac for short), is questioned by a narrator about how he thinks Microsoft’s laptop stacks up against Apple’s. The narrator asked Mac about the battery life of both laptops, the speed of the laptops, and which laptop had the better touchscreen. And of course, Mac picked the Surface each time.

“The Surface has a better touchscreen because it actually has a touch screen,” Mac said with a smirk, before the narrator added his two cents.

“Oh, right, Macs don’t have touchscreens.”

“You should get a Surface. Trust me, I’m Mac Book!” the hired man concluded.

Over the years, Apple and Microsoft have both taken jabs at each other while promoting their own products. In the early 2000s, Apple debuted a series of “Get a Mac” commercials, starring Justin Long and John Hodgman. Those ads aimed to brand Apple’s Mac as the new cool kid on the tech block, whose laptops were easier to use and offered significantly better performance when compared to the PC.

It wasn’t long before Microsoft began pushing back with its own campaigns, including its latest release.

The Surface Laptop 2 comes with a 13.5-inch touchscreen display, and can be picked up for a starting price of $999. While the device’s ultra-slim and portable form factor is a major selling point for professionals and students who are constantly on the go, the Surface might be lacking in the ports department, according to a report from TechRadar.

“The second generation of this laptop still doesn’t have Thunderbolt 3, much less USB-C 3.1. You’re still stuck with a single USB 3.0 – yes, not even the traditional USB port can support the latest USB 3.1 standard — and a Mini DisplayPort,” the report from TechRadar explained.

The report went on to say that, even though there was more than enough space on the device, Microsoft still opted to be stingy on the ports, and the ports that are present are not up to 2019 standards. Meanwhile, similar laptops, including Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Dell XPS 13 2018 model, come equipped with Thunderbolt 3 ports…despite being smaller in size.