Connecticut Man Reportedly Found A Bloody Knife Possibly Connected With A Murder And Sold It For Drugs

A man from Connecticut found a knife that might have been involved in the case of missing mother Jennifer Dulos and traded it for cocaine.

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A man from Connecticut found a knife that might have been involved in the case of missing mother Jennifer Dulos and traded it for cocaine.

Jennifer Dulos is a 50-year-old mother of five from New Canaan, Connecticut. She went missing on May 24 and was last seen dropping her kids off at school. She hasn’t been heard from since and with each passing week, it seems less and less likely that she will be found alive. The outlook also appears bleak because of the fact that a significant amount of blood was found on the floor of her garage on the night that she went missing. Now, a man from Hartford has come forward to say that he thinks he found something that may help law enforcement figure out what happened to Jennifer. Unfortunately, he no longer has the item, according to The Hartford Courant.

The man in question has been interviewed by police. He told them that he found a knife in a trash can in the same neighborhood in Hartford where other items have been recovered that police believe could be linked to the case. One of the items already recovered in the trash within that neighborhood is the t-shirt that police believe the missing mother was wearing on the day she disappeared.

He explained how he reached inside of the garbage can and found a bloody pillow, the knife concealed underneath.

“I put my hand in the garbage can, I picked up the bloody thing, the bloody pillow and I looked underneath and there was a knife under there. It was about a quart of blood on the pillow, all over the pillow. I tell you, whoever got hurt got hurt real bad.”

So where is the knife now? The man no longer has it because he traded it for drugs. The knife, which could potentially be a major clue in this investigation, was sold to a guy known only as ‘Fudge’ for $5 worth of cocaine. As wild as a story this is, police believe he’s telling the truth, at least about finding the knife. Video surveillance confirmed his story.

Jennifer Dulos' blood found on shirt, bra in bag hubby allegedly dumped

— New York Post (@nypost) July 31, 2019

Meanwhile, the search continues for Jennifer. The primary suspects in the case are her estranged husband Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis. The pair were arrested after being caught on video surveillance dropping trash bags into dumpsters the night Jennifer went missing. Both of these individuals were arrested for tampering with evidence and interfering with the case. They both pleaded not guilty and are currently out on bail. Jennifer’s five children are currently staying with her mother.