Kylie Jenner’s Swollen Lips & Middle Finger Pic Deemed Offensive

Kylie Jenner attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards
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Kylie Jenner has caused a stir. Yesterday, the 21-year-old appeared with big sister Kim Kardashian over on the 38-year-old’s Instagram. The sisters took to the platform for what appeared to be a fun moment doubling up as a promotional reminder: the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars were out to let fans know that their fragrance collaboration will be up for grabs later this month.

The image showed the makeup moguls posing together as they held their merchandise. Fans of the family’s E! show will have recognized the oversize and swollen-looking lips being held by each sister – the series’ 16th season showed the sisters discussing the packaging of their perfume in a business-centric moment.

Yesterday’s photo showed Kim pouting as she brandished a red pair of the lips containing the perfume. Sister Kylie had opted for a more risqué finish, though. The Kylie Cosmetics CEO was smiling as she held a pink pair of the lips in one hand, with the other giving the camera the middle finger.

It doesn’t look like the update has gone down too well. Kim’s update made The Daily Mail‘s headlines, where viewers have been leaving their thoughts. A comment racking up 260 upvotes appeared to express a sentiment of offense.

“Flipping the finger is not funny, it shows total disregard and complete disrespect.”

Feedback also proved negative on the Instagram post itself. A response racking up over 644 likes slammed Kylie.

“Who are you giving the middle finger to?! the followers who’ve made you a billionaire?! no thanks..”

“Nice pic for the little girls to see, nice image for the little girls who buy kendall and kylie products. I will be canceling my order I just made for my little girl,” a user wrote with over 442 others liking the comment.

Many others took to the post’s comments section to voice their disapproval.

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The Kardashian-Jenners frequently raise eyebrows with their social media posts. While Kim arguably flies the flag for the nude selfie trend, sister Kylie is known for pushing the boundaries with tiny outfits or major cleavage displays. The Kylie Skin founder went near-nude under crystal netting to promote the latest drop from her 2019-launched beauty brand.

While some find the minimal clothing from these sisters to be in poor taste, others consider it a symbol of feminine empowerment. Less often seen, however, is a display of the middle finger.

Yesterday’s photo may have been slammed, but it did manage to gain approval from Kim’s followers in terms of likes. Over 2.5 million were clocked within 15 hours of the post going live.

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