Man Suspected Of Abducting Girlfriend Amanda Custer Seen On Video Rapping About Killing And Burying A Woman


A man police suspect of kidnapping missing Los Angeles woman Amanda Kathleen Custer was seen on video rapping about kidnapping, killing, and burying a woman and then being on the news for the crime.

Custer was kidnapped this week in the back of a gray Prius, and police are now investigating her disappearance as a homicide. Police have identified the woman’s boyfriend, Robert Anthony Camou, as a suspect in the case and new video seems to show the man bragging about an eerily similar crime. As ABC 7 reported, video showed Camou rapping at a downtown Los Angeles bar about a graphically violent abduction and murder.

“I killed my b**** and buried that b**** in the f***ing dirt,” Camou could he beard saying as he stared into the camera. As the person who shot the video said, Camou then said something about police and that he should close his mouth now. Someone then took the microphone away from Camou and he walked off.

The person who shot the video told People that his rap caused everyone in the bar to stop, even some of the more hardcore rappers that were participating in the open mic event.

A witness had told police they saw Camou carrying Custer’s limp body and placing it into the cargo hatch of the Prius, People magazine reported.

Police said there is a long history of domestic violence between Camou and Custer, with Custer saying in court that her boyfriend harassed her by phone and one time broke her window with a hatchet.

“These two have had a dating relationship for at least two years,” Lt. Scott Hoglund of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department told CBS Los Angeles. “There have been numerous domestic violence incidents between them.”

A neighbor said he had seen the two arguing before, but never had any reason to believe that Camou would hurt Custer.

“But you never know,” said the neighbor, Hosea Ellis. “You never know in the heat of the moment what’s going to happen… I’m afraid for her. I hope she’s okay and this all gets sorted out.”

Police have not released any further information about what may have happened to Custer or whether there is any specific information that is leading them to treat it as a homicide investigation.

Robert Anthony Camou is being held in jail on unrelated burglary and domestic violence charges. Police are asking anyone with information about Amanda Kathleen Custer’s disappearance to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500. Anonymous information can be shared with Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.