‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis & Neil Part Ways

Alexis crossed the line with Neil which leads to a parting of ways.

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn is pictured..
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Alexis crossed the line with Neil which leads to a parting of ways.

It was quite an emotional moment for Neil and Alexis on General Hospital last week. It turned out that Alexis was the one playing the role of therapist as Neil opened up to her on his daughter’s death. It wasn’t exactly the best of circumstances, but now the truth has been revealed. However, that will cause major problems in her future with Neil — at least professionally.

Neil had just gotten through telling Sonny to not say anything at all about his past and that he had someplace that he needed to be. He and Alexis got into the elevator at the same time when the power went out at the hotel. Neil freaked as he told Alexis that today was the anniversary of his daughter’s death. He has since gone to the karaoke bar to sing every day since then. After some prompting, he finally spilled that his daughter had committed suicide. Now Neil is expected to approach Alexis the week of August 5 to let her go as a patient. SheKnows Soaps indicates that she will receive bad news, and this is most likely it.

Next week on General Hosptial, Neil will feel like they just can’t continue their doctor/patient relationship after what happened between them in the elevator. He still won’t be happy that she meddled in his past when he asked her not to, but he can’t deny that he is very attracted to her, maybe even more so now.

The print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveals a few more details. The magazine says that Neil will feel that since Alexis crossed the line, he is done with being her therapist. He basically fires her. The surprising part is that Alexis will accept his decision to let her go as his patient. She knows that she went too far and is willing to step away from him as her doctor. But does that mean she will step away from Neil altogether?

It may seem that way at first. These two have been getting closer as their attraction for each other is very strong. There are still many General Hospital fans who are holding out hope that Alexis will get back with Julian Jerome, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Kim Nero may be leaving town in the near future, so that may open Julian up to possibly wanting Alexis back.

With Neil in the picture now, Alexis could eventually be caught in between the two men. Alexis and Neil’s fan base has grown in the past few weeks with their chemistry growing stronger.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see how Neil and Alexis will handle their “breakup.”