August 3, 2019
Sarah Jessica Parker Wine Launch Has Fans Seeing 'X' In The City

Sarah Jessica Parker is getting into the wine business, with a label that will be familiar to her Instagram fans. The HBO star, who played Carrie Bradshaw for six seasons and two movies on Sex and the City, has traded her cosmo glass for a fine wine partnership with New Zealand based Invivo & Co. Parker's inaugural line of wines will hit shelves in September and will feature Sauvignon Blanc and rosé, Food & Wine reports.

Parker, 54, announced her signature wine line on Instagram where she noted, "X, marks the drop," a nod to the brand's label, as she teased that her wine will be available worldwide in September. The Divorce star and fashion guru was reportedly "very hands-on throughout the process" from pre-production through mass distribution and she even hand-painted the original label to mimic her email signature, "X, SJP."

Parker's fans were immediately toasting her wine teaser after she posted a photo of an open bottle of her Savignon blanc alongside a favorite book and revealed she was currently drinking it.

"I had no idea you had a wine!!" one fan wrote. "I'm in. Is it available? I need to know everything."

"You have your own wine?! This is fabulous & I need some!" another added.

"So excited to try your wine!" an enthused SJP fan wrote.

While Parker is known as the cosmo-loving Carrie from her SATC days, she made it clear that she prefers wine in real life. In a surprising reveal, Parker told Wine Enthusiast she wouldn't even know how to make a cosmo.
"Carrie has been a, let's say, an enthusiast for the Cosmopolitan. But I, you know, Sarah Jessica Parker—me, myself and I enjoy wine. I'm not a terrifically gifted mixologist, so I don't tend to make a Cosmo. I'm not entirely sure I would know how, to be honest."
Parker revealed that she prefers white wines like Chardonnay, but recalled she wasn't much of a Sauvignon blanc drinker until she came to know Invivo.The star revealed that she was introduced to the Invivo winemakers through a mutual contact and they sent some bottles to her and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, to try it out. Parker also revealed she had been spending a lot of time in Ireland where her local grocery store carried Invivo and she realized she had been buying it all along, unaware of the connection. The fact that she had been a consumer before a partner made her feel that her wine deal was truly authentic.

"We'll be starting out with the Sauvignon Blanc, and we're excited about working on a rosé in the future," Sarah Jessica Parker said of her wine line. "We're looking into, possibly, a blend of rosé from Provence, which would be enormously exciting to me."

Prices for Sarah Jessica Parker's wine will retail between $18 and $20, with the rosé expected to drop in 2020.