Ana Cheri’s Sheer Bra Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

Ana Cheri wears a crop top.
Anacheri / Instagram

Ana Cheri has been keeping her Instagram fans on their toes with her recent updates. Her newest photo, in particular, is sure to have caught many of her fans’ attention. After all, it featured Ana wearing only lingerie. And not only that, the bra was sheer. This means that the resulting photo left nothing to the imagination. And thanks to its revealing nature, it can’t be shared here. Check it out instead on Ana’s Instagram page.

The model posed by facing the camera straight on. She stood in a bedroom with light pink walls. Her bra was black and lacy, with strappy accents throughout. The bottom of the bra featured a scalloped lace. The bottoms mimicked the lace, while also featuring multiple criss-crossed straps.

Cheri smiled with her lips closed while wearing pink lipstick. She also piled on a high bun with bangs that framed her face. The hairstyle also featured blond tips to her hair, which added a pop of color to her look.

Meanwhile, Ana placed her right hand on the nape of her neck. At the same time, she tugged at her lingerie bottoms with her left hand. She had a black ribbon that was wrapped around her left wrist, and hung down to her upper thighs.

Ana’s fans seemed to love the update, and sent her tons of love in the comments section.

“Ana, what lip color are you wearing here? I need,” asked a curious fan.

“Its color pop Zuma,” responded Cheri.

The comments then turned into an argument about someone potentially objectifying her, but eventually it dissipated after a follower made the following comment.

“Yea dude no kidding that body is bangin!!! She was in Playboy magazine so head over to google and there ya go. Thank me later,” they said.

Otherwise, fans were enthusiastically complimenting Cheri in various ways.

“So much awesomeness in one pic my friend,” said an Instagram user.

“My god I haven’t been this obsessed with a human being in my life,” gushed another fan.

“Jesus, its almost like you were created in a test tube. Labeled ‘Gods masterpiece,'” joked a follower.

Prior to this update, Ana promoted supplements by posing with two large bottles in a modern kitchen. The photo showed the model wearing a red tank top that read, “1st Phorm.” She paired this with a pair of black shorts, and wore her hair down in a heavy right part.

This update garnered over 84,000 likes.