August 5, 2019
Olivia Culpo Spreads Legs In Sheer Nude Outfit In Mexico

Olivia Culpo recently went on a relatively lengthy Mexican vacation with a group of other models, and took a ton of selfies during her stay. She documented everything from the bikinis she wore to the Insta-worthy bathroom she had access to at her hotel. Now, it seems that the brunette bombshell from Rhode Island is back in sunny Mexico for another trip — and she has already started sharing sizzling selfies via Instagram.

In the shot she shared today, Culpo was on a small swing in a rustic patio area. The swing was made from simple lengths of rope and a few pieces of wood, and Culpo opted to not only sit on it but to straddle it. She had one of her toned, tanned legs sticking out to the side, and another bent and placed flat on the platform the swing hangs over.

Culpo had on a unique outfit that consisted of two matching cover-up pieces that appeared to be worn over a skimpy white bikini. Her top was a three-fourths length crop top that tied in the middle and had a long length of fabric that flowed all the way down to the ground. A hint of cleavage was visible in the top, as were her toned abs. The bottom was a micro-mini strip of fabric that just covered her curves, and left nearly every inch of her legs on display.

The background seems like a busy spot, with several staircases visible as well as a few decor accents, like a brightly colored patch of fabric and a basket with initials on it.

Culpo had her hair pulled back in a chic bun, rather than allowing it to blow loose and free in the wind. She also layered on quite a few necklaces and even a body chain that drew plenty of attention to her incredible physique.

Based on the hashtag she used in the caption, it appeared that Culpo had returned to Mexico to celebrate a destination wedding.

Her followers loved the sizzling shot -- which received over 11,000 likes in just 20 minutes — and reacted with several flirty comments.

One fan couldn't help but allow his eyes to be drawn to a certain area of her top, and said, "I wanna be that knot."

Another follower simply said, "you look so gorgeous Olivia."

Another remarked on the frequency with which she was heading south of the border, and said, "you are in Mexico almost every other weekend. Enjoy!!!!"

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Culpo shares any more sizzling shots from this particular vacation, or if she's returning home sooner rather than later.