‘Big Brother 21’ Player Kemi Fakunle Further Discusses Racism And ‘Mob Mentality’ In The House

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Big Brother Season 21 houseguest Kemi Fakunle has been out of the game for two weeks now, and media outlets are still grasping at the chance to speak with one of the year’s most beloved players. Kemi was targeted from the get-go by Jack Matthews, who had a strong dislike for her since Day 1. Jack has been accused online of being racist for the way he treated Kemi, and how he spoke about her behind her back.

O, The Oprah Magazine caught up with Kemi recently to discuss how she felt in the house, most notably being on the receiving end of Jack’s hate for her duration in the game.

“There’s this mob mentality that was created in the house, and it seemed like since I wasn’t willing to fall into that, that I was public enemy number one,” Kemi said regarding the Gr8ful alliance which Jack spearheaded.

When it came to being questioned about racism in the house, Kemi did not confirm she felt that she was among racists, or felt that it was prevalent in the house, but spoke eloquently about what she was certain she felt.

“I definitely feel that there was an unwillingness to accept cultures that were different from yours, and it was highlighted through race. To just hear these comments of how I was referred to as the cancer of the house, and I was toxic, and I needed to be cut out because I was a tumor… It was like, you guys didn’t even give me the chance to let you get to know me.”

Kemi then went on to describe Jackson Michie, who she felt was a very intense presence in the house, but none of the roommates saw him as toxic or labeled him as “cancer.” Kemi might be relieved to know that Jackson is now one of the most disliked people in the house after a massive fight broke out between the roommates following Thursday night’s live eviction show.

Jack Matthews competes on Big Brother Season 21
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Later in her interview, Kemi noted that she felt racism was expressed through “microaggressions,” and clarified that David Alexander was also on the receiving end of some of the racist remarks in the house.

The interviewer brought up the “shaker bottle incident” between Kemi and Jack, which became a major topic of conversation between the viewers of the live feeds online. Jack had made a big spiel about Kemi keeping her personal shaker bottle in the refrigerator, and instead of asking her to remove it, he scolded her and asked, “what makes you so special?”

Kemi said she kept her cool in the conversation because she knew Jack was looking for an overreaction and she wasn’t going to give it to him. Soon after, Kemi noted that she didn’t think anyone in the house was going to target Jack and that he would skate along in the game, possibly to victory.

For now, Kemi is only keeping up with Big Brother on social media and the broadcast shows and has admitted to not watching the live feeds.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.