Bella Thorne Sizzles In Skimpy Silk Mini Dress

Bella Thorne has been busy while promoting her newly released book, The Life Of A Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray. Though the book is now available for purchase, for a while, Thorne was building anticipation in her fan base by sharing quotes that other celebrities gave about the book, as well as social media posts shared by her fans who had read it.

Today, Thorne took a break from promoting her book to share a simple, sizzling shot of herself, although she still made sure to include the hashtag #thelifeofawannabemogul in her caption to keep the buzz going about the book.

In the snap, Thorne sat on a white wicker couch with gray cushions, although not much of her background was visible, so it was tough to tell exactly where she was. Thorne rocked a red-and-black-patterned mini dress that left very little to the imagination. The dress had a scoop neckline that showcased a hint of her cleavage, and Thorne had one strap pulled down on her arm to make the look even sultrier.

The length of the dress meant that every inch of her legs was on display, though she crossed her toned legs to prevent the camera from seeing anything NSFW. Thorne also absolutely piled on the accessories for the look. In addition to a red patent leather clutch, which she was holding in one hand, Thorne rocked a pair of statement earrings, two watches, several bracelets, several layered necklaces, and a large ring. Her hair, on the other hand, was casual, and simply pulled up into a messy top knot.

Thorne rocked a simple cat eye, pouted lips, and an overall neutral makeup look, with the exception of the pop of highlighter on her cheekbones.

Her fans loved the shot, and the snap received over 456,000 likes within just five hours. In the caption, Thorne explained that she doesn't edit her photos, and passionately advocates for the stance she believes in, even when being photographed for magazines.

Her followers praised her strong stance in the comments, with many telling her what an impact it had.

"One of the many things I admire you for," one follower said.

"One of my favorite things about working with you," said photographer Hunter Moreno.

"I love your raw beauty," another fan stated.

Thorne's book was released a little over a week ago, on July 23. Fans will have to stay tuned to her Instagram page to see what other things she shares about it, or if she simply returns to sharing sexy selfies all the time.