Miley Cyrus Tops Latex Crotch-Grabbing Pic By Posting Video

Miley Cyrus' social media activity is buzzing today. The SHE IS COMING singer took to Instagram earlier today with a new batch of photos: the black-and-white and color images featured Miley flaunting her rock-hard body in an eye-catching ensemble, and offered some crotch-grabbing, alongside some less risqué snaps.

It looks like Miley has given her fans the icing on the cake.

A video has now appeared on the 26-year-old's Instagram account. It showed Miley rocking the same outfit, but fans would likely argue that they were getting more bang for their buck by seeing the blonde in motion. Miley was rocking her signature look; namely, the trademark grunge outfit that comes with an injection of glam.

The star was outfitted in a tight, low-rise pair of black latex pants with a matching crop top. The all-black getup was definitely showcasing the singer's super-fit frame, although the video seemed to offer fans a reminder that Miley digs all things designer. She made mention of designer John Galliano, as she half sang to the camera.

Miley's outfit was also heavily accessorized. A silver belt had loose tassels accentuating the singer's pants. Meanwhile, chunky necklaces and wrist jewelry added extra flourishes. Miley mostly appeared low-key in terms of hair and makeup; while her loose, blond locks were damp and natural, her face seemed to have been subjected to a little makeup.

Instagram has definitely noticed the video. It has racked up over 471,000 views within one hour of going live. The same time frame saw over 1,500 fans venture into the comments section. A celebrity "like" was also left by Lisa Rinna; The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is known for commenting on Cyrus' Instagram, with the two celebrities having a well-known back-and-forth on each other's social media.Miley has been making major headlines this year. She released the six-track SHE IS COMING EP at the end of May. The album's first single, "Mother's Daughter," also gave fans a music video last month. Those familiar with the red latex bodysuit donned by Miley in the video will likely have made a connection between it and today's latex display. Whether the two are connected wasn't clarified by the singer, though.

Last month, Miley was profiled by Elle. The star spoke of her past and present career, losing her home in the Woolsey fires, and her marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth.

Fans wishing to see more of Miley should follow the singer's Instagram. She has 96.7 million followers.