Paris Jackson Not Engaged Despite Wearing Matching Rings With Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn

Paris Jackson was recently seen rocking matching rings with her boyfriend, musician Gabriel Glenn. But that doesn't mean that she'll be walking down the aisle anytime soon. An insider has told Entertainment Tonight that the actress/singer is not engaged.

"They are very serious but they're young and just enjoying each other's time as girlfriend and boyfriend right now," they said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported. Paris and Gabriel first met at a party where he heard her playing guitar.

"That was the first song I heard her play on the guitar. I was at a party and she was in a room by herself, and I was thinking 'Don't do it, don't go listen to that cute girl play guitar,'" he said in an interview with ET Canada. "But I sat down, heard her playing and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard. I was like, 'S–, this is what falling in love feels like, isn't it?' It was the best mistake of my life."

According to Heavy, Gabriel first appeared on her Instagram page in June of last year. He's a musician and the two are bandmates in Soundflowers, which they've described as the "mangiest band in Hollywood." He is also in a heavy metal band called Trash Dogs.

This is hardly the first time that there have been claims that Paris and Gabriel are engaged. Gossip Cop previously reported that after a tabloid published an article about engagement rumors, Paris tweeted "for the zillionth time I'm NOT GETTING MARRIED."

Even though they aren't planning to get married, Paris and Gabriel frequently show off their love on social media.

Her most recent Instagram post is a photo of him and a revelation that they were playing "footsie" when the photo was posted.

Gabriel posted a comment in response, which was just as loving as Paris' caption.

Gabriel doesn't have a lot of posts on his Instagram page but two of his 11 photos feature Paris. In one of them, the two are locked in a passionate embrace.As Heavy notes, Paris Jackson was previously romantically linked to model Cara Delevingne. Paris has previously said that she has known that she's bisexual since she was 14-years-old. According to Ranker, she has also dated musician Michael Snoddy, Chester Castellaw, and British TV personality Tom Kilbey.

Based on their public displays of affection on social media, it looks like Paris and Gabriel will be together for a while. Whether they get married in the future remains to be seen.