August 5, 2019
Angelina Jolie's Topless Video Sparks Chinese Menu Comment

Angelina Jolie will never leave her fans short on opinions. The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actress has been a headline-maker for decades, with a fanbase that's never left her side. While some fans gush over the star's acting talent and status as a mother-of-six, others admire her age-defying beauty, offbeat personality, and high-profile relationships. Regardless, most of the 44-year-old's fans likely have an opinion on Angelina's famous tattoos.

It looks like Angelina and her body ink have been noticed again.

Earlier today, The Daily Mail reported on Angelina's latest promotional video. The actress is the face of French perfume giant Guerlain, and the newspaper shared the company's latest ad. While Jolie appeared in a cut-out, backless dress for parts of it, other elements showed the brunette rolling around in bedsheets. E! Online appeared to have picked up on the video's topless nature.

The Daily Mail's viewers have been leaving their thoughts via comments. While the most upvoted messages pointed out the Oscar winner's world-famous beauty, popular responses also included her renowned tattoos alongside some concerns that Jolie may be underweight. Clearly, some of the users leaving comments today were in the mood for a little humor. One fan left words upvoted by over 134 individuals.

"Her back looks like a chinese menu for take out food," the commenter said.

Angelina's tattoos extend to her back; indeed, the actress is known for having rocked famous red carpet looks flaunting her ink. Thoughts regarding her tats were dispersed throughout responses.

"She looks a mess with all those tats," was one comment from an individual appearing not to be a fan.

The actress was, however, shown great praise by the most upvoted reply.

"You may like her or not but she has incredibly beautiful and enviable traits, and remains sexy," the user wrote.

One comment gave the star a mix of love, concern, and a little shade.

"I always just think she'd look so much better with a bit of body fat. She looked her best early on in the Tomb Raider films and no, not just because she was Lara Croft lol. She's got strong, attractive features but are too gaunt. Not sure she's as attractive on the inside though."
Angelina's weight has made headlines in the past, although fans would likely argue that the star looks healthier than she has in recent years when her divorce from actor Brad Pitt appeared to have taken its toll.

Fans wishing to see more of Angelina should keep their eyes peeled for future movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Angelina has officially joined the cast of Eternals.