Not For The Faint Of Heart: Alamo Drafthouse Will Be Holding Clowns-Only Screenings Of ‘It: Chapter 2’

New Line Cinema

People with a phobia of clowns will definitely want to stay away from Alamo Drafthouse theaters later this year.

The movie house has announced that it will be holding “clowns-only” screenings of the movie It: Chapter 2, which shows the return of the murderous clown Pennywise. As IndieWire reported, there will be special showings of the horror thriller at 17 theater locations that encourages moviegoers to “come dressed as a clown – the wig, the makeup, the oversized pants and suspenders, the blood-curdling makeup — and sit through this coulrophobia-inducing fright fest with a theater full of fellow clowns.”

The screenings will be held at the theater’s locations across the country, including Los Angeles and Virginia theaters.

The second movie in the horror series follows the children from the “Losers’ Club” as they are grown up, starring Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, and James McAvoy. The group must come back together to once again battle Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård).

This is not the first time that Alamo Drafthouse has offered some movie screenings to niche audiences. Back in 2017, the movie chain offered women-only screenings of the comic book action movie Wonder Woman, though the company said there would be “no gender checks” and anyone who identifies as a woman was welcome to come.

The decision actually drew some controversy, with some speaking out against the theater chain for what they considered to be discrimination against men. As IndieWire reported, a New York lawyer filed a complaint with the Equal Employment and Fair Housing Office in Austin, Texas, the theater’s home. The complaint said that the all-women showing of Wonder Woman was against the law.

“I’m a specialist in anti-discrimination law, so I was fairly certain that this was not lawful,” Stephen Clark, an attorney and law professor from Albany, told the Austin American-Statesman. “If they were trying to do a gay-only Brokeback Mountain, I would feel the same way.”

The report noted that it was a violation of Austin’s city code to limit services to someone based on gender or other factors, like race or sexual orientation. But in the end, the women-only screenings went forward at Alamo Drafthouse and were a huge success, selling out in many locations.

It is not clear if the clowns-only showings of It: Chapter 2 would face any legal challenges for discrimination against non-clowns. Full details about the clowns-only showings of the horror thriller be found at the Alamo Drafthouse official website.