Spoilers For Monday's 'General Hospital': Jason Explodes In Response To Shiloh's Move Involving Sam

General Hospital spoilers for Monday's episode tease that viewers will want to buckle their seat belts and prepare for a bumpy ride. Shiloh isn't backing down from trying to get his way in Port Charles, and his latest moves are really going to shake things up for many people throughout the town.

As viewers saw on Friday's show, Sam managed to sneak into Shiloh's room and find the flash drive that contains Drew's memories. It was revealed that Shiloh has connected with Dr. Cabot, the man who originated these memory swap incidents. The two talked about planting Drew's memories into Jason's mind, and Shiloh is counting on making this happen so he can ultimately track down the money he hid away during his shady military days.

Unfortunately, Shiloh was standing at the door to his room as Sam opened it to leave. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek shared at the end of the show revealed that on Monday, Jason will make it clear that he will go to great lengths to get Sam away from Shiloh.

Shiloh has now kidnapped Sam and hidden her away, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Jason will quickly head to Shiloh's room and get physical in demanding that the Dawn of Day leader reveal where Sam is. However, Shiloh has plans and he will demand that Jason do what he wants if he wants to make sure Sam stays alive.

How ugly will this get in the week ahead? According to SheKnows Soaps, Shiloh will give Jason the options he has to work with during Tuesday's show. Of course, Jason isn't going to just comply without a fight here, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Shiloh will be feeling desperate during next Wednesday's show.

While this may all get crazy over the coming days, General Hospital spoilers signal that Sam and Jason will make it out of this situation without any sort of immense tragedy happening to either one of them. During the episode airing on Wednesday, August 14, the two will share some downtime at home together.

However, there has been a lot of speculation swirling that somehow Franco will be dragged into this. Viewers know that he's been obsessed with the psychic telling him not to take a drive, and foreshadowing suggests that he'll soon face danger of some sort.

SheKnows Soaps suggests that the "drive" the psychic referenced may end up being the flash drive that has everybody scrambling. As Franco and others worry about some kind of car accident, perhaps it turns out that Franco ends up in a position to take the flash drive that has Drew, Sam, Jason, and Shiloh all scrambling.

Fans are anxious to see Shiloh handled once and for all, and General Hospital spoilers do hint that this may happen soon. Unfortunately, it also looks like he will wreak quite a bit more havoc before he is fully eliminated as a threat.